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Dog Food for Puppies

Nutritious food for healthy and happy puppies

In our shop you will find selected dog food that is carefully produced to meet the special needs of puppies. It contains essential nutrients that support the growth and development of your pet. With our high-quality product range, we rely on the many years of experience of the brand manufacturer Bellfor, which is the all-round successful building block for a fulfilled dog's life.

Bellfor - a treat for your four-legged friends

Convince yourself of our Bellfor quality products, which are appreciated as well-tolerated dog food. If you want your quadruped to get used to our premium offers, we recommend ordering our Bellfor taster offer, which contains a full 2.5 kg of our high-quality dog food. You can get this exclusively from us at an extremely favourable price. Once you are convinced of the quality of our products, you can order the food for your puppies in a 12 kg value pack. This will save you money when you buy our selected dog food.

Best ingredients promise well-being for dogs of all ages

We pay special attention to the special needs of puppies with our Premium Pur Kid´Z assortment. This is produced gently and does without the addition of gluten, wheat or soy. Of course, no genetically modified raw materials are used in our feed mixtures and artificial colourings and preservatives are always kept out of our selected articles. Convince yourself of this natural pleasure, which is enriched with omega 3 fatty acids, linseed and fish oil. The contained inulin sustainably protects the intestinal flora and strengthens the immune system in combination with the contained natural antioxidants such as selenium or vitamins E and C.

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