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Dog Food

The healthy and natural diet of your pet ensures its vitality and vitality into old age. Tailored to the special needs of the dog, the dog food is produced with the utmost care according to current scientific findings. Experts of dog nutrition already recommend the nutritious food.

Dog food for high demands

Active dogs need the selected ingredients that make our food a daily source of well-being for your pet. Fiber provides a good intestinal flora. The beneficial bifidobacteria are supported with prebiotics. It creates a balanced balance of bacterial strains that prevent the settlement of harmful bacteria and favor the absorption of important nutrients. A strong immune system can assert itself against many pathogens. Your pet benefits from high quality feed on many levels.

Shiny coat and a healthy skin

Our dog food has a major impact on skin health and a shiny coat. It covers your pet's vitamin needs with natural ingredients. Hair loss and eczema can often be prevented by the dog's adequate diet. The vitamin-rich additives in dog food also contain trace elements and many phytochemicals. Tomatoes, carrots, peas and cranberries are the guarantee for optimal supply of natural antioxidants. You will enjoy the vitality of your pet.

Prevent diseases with optimal dog food

A good quality of dog food can prevent many diseases. Give your dog the proper food that will allow him to actively participate in your life for a long time. Trace elements in chelate form can also absorb older animals well. Our food protects your dog from the inside with a coordinated diet.

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