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Dog food - cold pressed

Dog food - cold pressed

Cold pressed dog food

Everyone is familiar with cold-pressed olive oil. But how exactly does dog food look cold-pressed? For the production of dry food for dogs, the various components of the food must be crushed and pressed. They are dehumidified during pressing to produce a long-lasting dry food. Different temperatures are achieved in the pressing processes. The cold pressing process is actually a gentle process with lower temperatures, not with real cold. The feed is only heated up to 55 degrees. Valuable ingredients are spared.

Cold pressed dog food - highly digestible and rich in content

In cold-pressed feed, all important nutrients such as vitamins, healthy fatty acids, amino acids and minerals are preserved to a health-promoting degree. If you are considering feeding your dog barefood (fresh raw meat, raw vegetables, bones), our dog food can be an excellent alternative. An alternative is this very substantial and wholesome dog food even if your senior dog has so far received a barb feed, but can no longer digest and chew it well. With regard to nutrients, our cold-pressed dry food does not mean he has to do without anything, because it is optimally adapted to the needs of your dog.

Prevent overweight and malnutrition in dogs

The excellent nutritional composition of dog food also ensures that your dog does not become overweight when fed proportionally. Even if a dog already has weight problems or a dog is taken in with signs of malnutrition, the dog food is excellent if it is cold-pressed. The high digestibility and good digestibility thanks to natural dietary fibres ensures a perfectly balanced diet. If you also provide enough exercise for the dog, he will quickly gain vitality.

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