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Dog food grain-free and high quality

Healthy dog food for a fit dog

Conventional dog food consists mainly of grain. But exactly the disproportion can have a harmful effect on your quadruped. Excess grain in the feed often leads to food intolerance or allergy. The digestive system in dogs is not designed for the utilization of cereals. As a result, the number of affected dogs suffering from a cereal allergy is increasing. Often the only solution is to choose a feed that is grain-free. A change can help and prevent dogs not yet affected by an allergy, even if the digestive tract is not so sensitive. A cereal-rich diet is a burden in any case.

Grain-free and high quality

A high-quality dog food has the requirement not only to satiate, but by a well thought-out composition the dog optimally to nourish. Our products consist mainly of meat and to a lesser extent of vegetable ingredients, whereby we mostly use ingredients from our region. With the sweet potato we supplement poultry meat, such as chicken, turkey and duck with a vegetable that is rich in minerals and vitamins. In addition, it slows down digestion, so that blood sugar levels do not rise as quickly as with a normal potato. Our grain-free fortified food with salmon and brown trout is particularly digestible. With omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and prebiotics, we ensure optimum nutrition.

Our basic claim

Our extremely digestible dog food is the result of the best ingredients and gentle production. With our grain-free dog food your dog receives everything that is needed for a species-appropriate nutrition in order to remain healthy, vital and full of life.

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