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Dog food with high meat content

The right food for your dog

Many owners are concerned about the right diet, which in the best case can significantly improve the quality and quantity of dog's life. That is why it is important to us to supply you with particularly high-quality feed.

Natural nutrition for dogs

Wolves, the ancestors of dogs, can use grain and other vegetable food components only in very small quantities. Although dogs are better adapted to starchy food due to their long life in human society, there are narrow limits here too. In addition, individuals always react differently, and there are also those who do not tolerate grain at all. That is why dog food with a high meat content is particularly important to ensure a healthy and natural diet. Unfortunately, many suppliers forgo dog food with a high meat content and other high-quality ingredients for cost reasons and instead use cereals or other inexpensive components to stretch the amount of food.

The right components

Most important for a balanced diet is dog food with a high meat content, as it is naturally the main ingredient of the diet and maintains the health of your companion. It is also important not to use sugar and rapidly degradable starch, which can dramatically increase the blood sugar level of animals and, in the case of the former, can also lead to caries. Meat, on the other hand, supplies valuable minerals and vitamins in addition to proteins. Last but not least, we do not use any harmful additives such as dyes or preservatives. Instead, we rely on the addition of high-quality ingredients such as linseed, salmon oil and chicken eggs. The high meat content is also suitable for dogs that react sensitively and are prone to intolerance - with us you can find the perfect food for the special needs of your dog.

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