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Dog Food without grain

Healthy food without grain for every dog

Has grain intolerance  already caused skin damage or digestion problems in your dog? Then the immediate change to a good, complete dog food without grain is a must. But even if your dog shows no signs of grain intolerance, it does not necessarily need grain in its feed to be healthy and vital. With a puppy, it is better to rule out the risk of a negative reaction to cereals right from the start.

Composition decides

With us the dog food actually comes directly from nature. This means that we only use high-quality meat, fresh, high-quality fish, digestible, nutritious vegetables and dietary fibres for the production of feed. That is why our dog food without grain is a food mixture that is perfectly adapted to the needs of the dog. Furthermore, the dog's immune system is strengthened by the feed mixture, as the natural antioxidants provide for a fight against harmful radicals.

Shiny coat and healthy skin

Let your dog try our versatile and grain-free "Münsterländer Landschmaus". The country feast does not contain the usual potato, which is often responsible for an increase in blood sugar levels, but the sweet potato, which is particularly convincing due to its complex starch structure. This slows down the digestion process and the blood sugar level rises significantly less. In addition, you will find many other great blends for dog food without grain. All foods are produced with particular care and are based on the knowledge of experts in dog nutrition. By combining omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, we have succeeded in creating a shinier coat based on healthy skin. Improve the health of your dog effectively, with the help of dog food without grain.

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