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Dry dog food grain-free

Completely grain-free and perfectly healthy dry dog food

Dogs can have developing hypersensitivity and allergies to certain nutrients. A very frequent occurrence is the intolerance of cereals, an allergic reaction to gluten-containing foods. As a descendant of the wolf, the dog is actually prepared to eat grain in the pre-digested form via the meat of other animals. Most domestic dogs have adapted to other eating habits and also eat grain-containing food. In some animals, however, this can lead to skin diseases, fur loss, vomiting and diarrhoea. Then the food must be 100% grain-free.

Guaranteed grain-free and perfectly healthy

There is also ready-made food for dogs, which is offered as meat food. Often it is only small portions that the customer learns from the small print. We carry dry dog food that is guaranteed grain-free. We offer dry food for your dog free of grain with delicious duck and other poultry, with fish or rabbit. The feed mixture contains high-quality dietary fibres and valuable minerals in addition to the meat. An optimal proportion of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids plus zinc also prevents fur loss and itching on the skin. No fish or meat waste and other inferior substances are used in the production of our dry dog food.

Keeps the dog strong and agile

To keep your dog strong and agile despite grain intolerance, our high-quality dry dog food provides optimal support for metabolism, digestion and full-fledged food utilization. The addition or complete feeding with dry dog food is also beneficial to dental health. If the dog is healthy, the human being is happy too. Our natural dry dog food tastes grain-free and keeps your dog agile, healthy and strong.

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