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Dry food for dogs

Dry food for dogs

High-quality dry food for energetic dogs

Every dog owner wishes a long, healthy dog life for his best, four-legged friend. An important prerequisite for this is a well-tolerated and high-quality dog food.

The composition of dog food must meet animals' needs for high levels of valuable meat or fish and to meet their needs for vitamins and minerals. Our dry dog food is perfectly adapted to the metabolism of dogs and their nutritional needs.

Food for energetic dogs

Our dry dog food is produced with particularly gentle production methods. All important nutrients are retained to the highest degree. The food is very digestible. You can feed dry food for dogs as a complete food or in addition to wet food. A healthy dry food made of natural ingredients not only keeps the dog's metabolism and muscles vital, but also his teeth. Dry food places greater strain on the teeth than crushed canned wet food. Most of the additives for our good dry dog food come from the region. This guarantees short transports and improves the preservation of nutrients.

Renunciation of grain

In the production of our feed we do not use cereals, but also meat or fish waste. Therefore our healthy country food is suitable for all dogs, whether they belong to the robust omnivores or react sensitively to spelt, oats, wheat & Co. The grain is not a vital ingredient for a dog, otherwise the wolves would probably have plundered our fields long ago. In return, you get valuable, tasty food with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, important proteins, vitamins and dietary fibres.

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