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Dietary supplement for sporty dogs - Fitness Pulver by Bellfor Dog Food - 250g

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Fitness Powder for sporty dogs

Fitness Pulver for sporty dogs - 250g

Building and maintaining your dog’s muscles

Bellfor Fitness Pulver optimally supports your sporting dogs. The ideal matched ingredients guarantee energy and motivation. It also accelerates the regeneration between and after competitions.

Dietary supplement for active dogs

Dogs which are required to perform above average, need special treatment regarding their diet:

  • Hunting dogs
  • Sled dogs
  • Services dogs
  • Dogs doing agility
  • Dogs doing Canicross
  • Otherwise sporty active dogs
  • For underweight dogs

Only and optimally regenerated dog can be a top performer

For increased performance over a longer period it is important to avoid lack of protein in the blood. This can be ensured only by increased consumption of amino acids during performance. For increased performance over a shorter period it is sufficient to give amino acids approx. one hour before practice or competition. Regardless of the effect of long-term performance, these essential amino acids support the growth of muscles and facilitate the increase of strength for resistance-oriented training. The accelerated reduction of stress reactions of muscles (e.g. muscle ache or temporary loss of power) by amino acids should not be underestimated.

Effects of selective absorption of amino acids in dog sports:

  • Promotion of muscle building
  • Increase of strength and endurance performance
  • Prevent muscle loss during high training requirements
  • Stabilizing the level of glucose in the blood during sporting exercises
  • Accelerated topping up of the carbohydrate stores after exercise
  • Acceleration of regeneration
  • Reduced likelihood of injury and biomechanical stress on the support and movement apparatus
  • Stabilization of the immune system

How does Bellfor Fitness Pulver help your dog?

The unique combination of insect protein, banana powder and Chia seeds provides the active dog with important amino acids, magnesium, Omega-3 fatty acids and rapidly usable energy. The digestibility of insect protein is extremely high due to the complexity of its amino acids. This reduces the stress on the body by ammonia. For sporty active dogs, this is very important, as high stress through ammonia reduces the performance.

Bellfor Fitness Pulver is the optimal support for your dog to achieve maximum performance 

Insect protein: The protein extracted from the black soldier larva is characterised by the complexity of its amino acids and its high digestibility. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins and thus form the basis of all body substances. They are inherently nitrogenous and have diverse biological functions. Thus, amino acids are involved in the formation of hair, skin, bones and other tissues of the body, antibodies, hormones, enzymes and blood.

Chia seeds are exceptionally rich in antioxidants, proteins, fibre, vitamins and minerals. They also contain the highest Omega-3-content (about 18g per 100g). But that is not enough: Chia seeds contain ten times more Omega-3 than salmon, nine times more antioxidants than oranges, four times more iron than spinach, five times more calcium than full fat milk, fifteen times more magnesium than broccoli and four times more fibre than flax seed. In addition, Vitamin A and B, potassium, boron, zinc, folic acid and essential amino acids can be found in Chia seeds. Furthermore, Chia seeds are known for their ability to keep electrolyte and fluid balance regulated.

Magnesium is contained in natural form in Chia seeds and bananas. It is essential for healthy muscle and nerve function, as magnesium is an elementary part of the metabolism of all muscle and nerve cells. The dog’s organism cannot produce magnesium. Therefore, the required 10mg to 12mg per kilogram of body weight must be taken daily through the food. In dog sports excitement and performance in training and competitions make additional demands on magnesium reserves.

Dried bananas are rich in folic acid, phosphorus, iron, potassium, magnesium, manganese and copper. They are very well accepted by most dogs and therefore ideally suitable as a training treat or reward. Dried bananas contain many trace elements and are characterised by a high concentration of minerals. In addition, they contain natural fruit sugars and dietary fibre. Because the dog’s body digests bananas relatively slowly, the supplied energy goes a long way.

Why dried bananas have an advantage over fresh bananas

Since water is extracted from the fruit during drying, dried bananas have a particularly high content of valuable nutrients such as magnesium and potassium.

In combination with chia seeds and insect protein, the dried bananas in Bellfor Fitness Powder therefore ensure optimal effectiveness and effective support for all active dogs.

Bellfor Fitness and Gelenke & Knochen (Joints & Bones) the optimal combination for sporting dogs.


The feeding instructions help you with the correct use.


Insect protein, banana powder, white Chia seeds.

In the competition phase the additional feeding to Bellfor Pur Aktiv has proven itself. 

Feeding schedule (competition on Sunday) 

  • Monday: Fitness powder by weight of the dog
  • Tuesday: Fitness powder by weight of dog
  • Wednesday: Fitness powder by weight of the dog
  • Thursday: Fitness powder by weight of the dog
  • Friday: Bellfor Fitness Bar
  • Saturday: Bellfor Fitness Bar
  • Sunday: 3 hours before the competition Bellfor Fitness Powder


1 hour after the competition Fitness powder according to the weight of the dog

Use per day

Dogs up to 10 kg: ¼ tablespoon

Dogs 10 kg to 20 kg: ½ tablespoon

Dogs 20 kg to 30 kg: ¾ tablespoon

Dogs 30 kg to 40 kg: 1 tablespoon

Dogs 40 kg to 50 kg: 1½ tablespoon

One tablespoon corresponds to approx. 8g

Crude protein 45.3%

Gross fat 23.0%

Crude fibre 12.4%

Raw ash 5.6%

Humidity 7,6% 

76% insect protein (ground), 12% banana powder, 12% white Chia seeds


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