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Grain free dry dog food

Grain free dry dog food

Naturally health support  through grain-free dry dog food

A dog is a carnivore and descended from wolves. Even today, wolves and wild dogs feed mainly on prey. Therefore, the dog's natural diet does not actually include any grain. As a result, dogs with a sensitive digestive system may tend to be food intolerant if they eat food that contains cereals. The digestion of dogs is not aimed at metabolizing cereals. Wheat and maize in food are often among the main causes of intolerance and allergies in a dog.

What to do in case of intolerance?

If your beloved quadruped tends to an intolerance or even an allergy, it is advisable to change the feeding to grain-free food. However, this alone is sometimes not enough, as many dogs are also allergic to beef. That's why we use proteins and fats from poultry such as chicken, turkey and duck in our "Münsterländer Landschmaus" product line. Lamb, rabbit or wild salmon and brown trout also offer good alternatives in the event of a dog's food intolerance.

Grain-free dry fodder and its advantages

With our product line "Münsterländer Landschmaus" we offer grain-free dry food with a high meat content and natural seasonal ingredients, most of which come from our region. Sweet potatoes or vegetables provide the necessary carbohydrates, dietary fibres, vitamins and minerals. Through a particularly gentle preparation we guarantee that all important minerals and vitamins are largely preserved. This extremely digestible and digestible cereal-free dry food is ideal for sensitive dogs, but also for all other dogs whose owners want a high-quality diet and want to prevent intolerance.

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