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High meat content dog food

High meat content dog food ensures a balanced diet

A high proportion of meat in dog food corresponds to the natural diet of our pet. In addition to vegetable components, muscle meat also ensures that the dog's protein and fat requirements are met. The dog's teeth must have meat and solid ingredients in the dog food to stay healthy. Animal and vegetable raw materials should not be missing therefore with the feeding of the dog.

Wet or dry food

With us you receive high-quality dog food for each race and each age, because the individual requirements of the dog should always be considered with the food. A high proportion of meat ensures that your dog's diet is appropriate for its species, because too high a proportion of vegetable substances can cause discomfort to your dog. The required food always depends on the weight and size of the dog. The heavier the dog, the more important it is to have a high proportion of meat. However, the amount of food can vary from dog to dog, for an active dog, dog food with a high meat content is very important. A full-grown dog needs about two percent of its body weight of food.

High meat content in the feed prevents diseases

Dogs fed with the right food show significantly fewer diseases and are also much more balanced in their nature. We offer you the right food for your dog to keep him healthy. A high proportion of meat in dog food is especially important at puppy age, because this proportion is needed for healthy development of joints and bones. Even the formation of tartar, which can develop through a high starch content, is kept to a minimum with the optimum lining. A feed with a high meat content contains very little starch.

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