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Aggressive German Shepherd: Causes and Tips for Affected Owners

The dog is commonly referred to as the best friend of man. Nevertheless, there are always incidents of seemingly aggressive animals. It is estimated that nearly 20,000 people are bitten by dogs each year.

Not infrequently these are shepherd dogs. However, this may be primarily related to the great popularity of this breed and is less of an indication that shepherds tend to aggression in general.

Nonetheless, owners should take their behavioral problems seriously and take action in time. In order to support affected owners in dealing with their aggressive German shepherd dog, we will discuss below possible causes and countermeasures.

Breeding purpose and essence of the German shepherd

Although every dog can be educated in principle and formed into a peaceful companion, it is always worth taking a look at the original breeding purpose of each breed.

Depending on the areas of use the animals were originally intended for, not only the desired physical characteristics but also certain traits were promoted through the targeted selection of suitable breeding animals.

Shepherd dogs were intended from the beginning as working dogs, whose tasks among other things the herding of sheep belonged. Its nature is therefore still characterized today by a pronounced protective instinct that not every owner can handle.

Das gilt übrigens nicht nur für Deutsche, sondern zum Beispiel auch für Belgische Schäferhunde. Letztere werden daher in Teilen der Schweiz sogar als potentiell gefährliche Hunde eingestuft, weshalb ihre Haltung dort einer Genehmigung bedarf.

Incidentally, this does not only apply to Germans, but also to Belgian shepherd dogs, for example. The latter are therefore even classified as potentially dangerous dogs in parts of Switzerland, which is why their attitude there requires a permit.

Aggressive german shepherd

Aggressive shepherd dogs by mistake in attitude

Shepherd dogs are not lap dogs. The animals are very willing to learn and have a high urge to move. Their education requires patience and consistency as well as a certain amount of expertise.

In addition, it is essential to sufficiently move the busy four-legged friends and busy. Mental challenges are just as important as adequate physical workload. This is especially true when a shepherd dog is kept private and is not used as a service dog.

Neglect and mistakes in education will sooner or later inevitably lead to uncertainties and are often the reason why a German shepherd behaves aggressively. If the animals are well socialized and busy, they usually turn out to be extremely good-natured and balanced.

A dog trainer can help

Especially beginners are often not able to professionally educate a German Shepherd and direct the behavior of the four-legged friend in the desired tracks. It therefore often happens that the actually harmless animals develop into problem dogs and show behavioral problems.

If you have an aggressive German shepherd you should definitely consider attending a dog school. A professional dog trainer usually recognizes very quickly what is wrong with the handling of the quadruped.

The owner of a potentially aggressive German shepherd learns what mistakes he makes and what he needs to look out for in the future. The targeted training helps to get the dog under control and to correct his behavior professionally and permanently.

The sooner dog training is started, the easier it is to educate the four-legged friend and the better the behavioral problems can be counteracted.

Health problems as a cause of aggression

However, apart from mistakes in attitude and upbringing, it may well be that a shepherd dog tends to be aggressive due to health issues.

The animal may be suffering from chronic pain and need medical attention. If you suspect that your aggressive shepherd is sick and in pain, you should consult a veterinarian as soon as possible.

He or she can examine your dog closely and take any necessary treatments, so hopefully he will recover soon.

Sedative for aggressive shepherd dogs

One or the other owner may come up with the idea to calm down his aggressive German shepherd dog with medication. However, this is not a good idea in terms of the animal's health and well-being.

In addition, the use of sedatives does not eliminate the root cause of aggressive behavior. Because a four-legged friend, who is pumped full of pills, may be lethargic. However, existing behavioral problems remain as they are and reappear at the latest with the decrease in the effect of the medication.

An active ingredient that can be used to achieve promising results in aggressive dogs is cannabidiol (CBD). This is a so-called cannabinoid, which is obtained from hemp plants and taken in the form of CBD oil.

Studies indicate that cannabidiol has a calming effect and could help treat pain. Even though CBD oil is not actually produced for animals, dog owners repeatedly report positive experiences with their dog with CBD.

The gift of CBD oil could therefore be at least a useful support in dealing with aggressive shepherd dogs and behavioral animals of other breeds.

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Aggressive German Shepherd: Causes and Tips for Affected Owners

Temporary measures with aggressive shepherd dogs

Of course, concerned owners should strive to properly educate their dog and to get a grip on behavioral problems. Until that happens, however, it must be ensured that the animal does not pose a threat to the environment.

After all, shepherds are tall and the bite of an aggressive four-legged friend can quickly cause serious injury. For this reason, in some cases it may be advisable, at least temporarily, to muzzle the dog in public.

Aggressive German Shepherd - our conclusion

As you can see, shepherd dogs are not inherently aggressive or dangerous. As with other breeds, behavioral problems always have a reason. This can be found, for example, in mistakes in posture and upbringing, or in the pain that suffers the animal.

It is clear that you are responsible for the behavior of your German shepherd. If you notice any problems, you should therefore act promptly. Otherwise, your pet may sooner or later become a serious threat to its environment.

Therefore, do not hesitate and if necessary get help from a specialist who will assist you in dealing with your aggressive German Shepherd and how you can counteract behavioral problems.

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