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Apoquel for dogs with allergic itching

Apoquel is a veterinary drug containing the active ingredient oclacitinib and is available in different strengths for dogs of different weights. The drug is used in the treatment of dogs suffering from severe itching due to allergies.

Allergies are common in dogs

Apoquel for dogs

Allergies are widespread in dogs and manifest themselves in affected animals mainly through massive skin problems. The associated itching leads to the fact that the allergic four-legged friends constantly scratch and bite.

This leads to bald spots and open wounds sooner or later, which worsens the skin problems and the itching even more. In some cases the itching is even so severe due to the allergy that the dog hardly comes to rest and even at night can not sleep properly.

Apoquel was specially developed to counteract this itching and to prevent excessive scratching and biting. As numerous experience reports show, a clear relief of the complaints can be obtained by the ingestion often and the quality of life of the four-legged friends affected by allergies to increase noticeably.

Apoquel can cause diarrhoea in dogs

Although Apoquel is highly effective for dogs and should be largely risk-free for healthy animals, the medicine may cause various side effects.

As dog owners report, these include in particular diarrhoea, which occurs frequently in dogs as a result of taking Apoquel.

Insect protein dog food for dogs with diarrhoea

The Allergy Experts

Since diarrhoea leads to excessive fluid loss and an inadequate supply of nutrients in the long run, it is important not to take this possible side effect of Apoquel lightly.

If your four-legged friend suffers from diarrhoea, we recommend that you use our dog food with insect protein.

The food is available in the following three varieties:

Insect protein from the larvae of the black soldier fly has practically no allergy potential and is therefore ideal as a protein source for hypoallergenic dog food. In addition, all three varieties of our Insect Protein Dog Food are highly digestible and provide optimal consistency of the faeces, making them ideal for feeding dogs with diarrhoea.

Many dog owners tell us that the food intolerances of their four-legged friend have completely disappeared due to the exclusive feeding with one of the three varieties of our hypoallergenic dog food and that the administration of medication has become superfluous since then.

Meaningful food supplements as support

As with all medications, taking Apoquel over a longer period of time is a significant burden on your dog's organism. For this reason, in addition to feeding your dog with our insect-based dog food, we also recommend a dietary supplement with Bellfor Kidney Power and Bellfor Immune.

Bellfor Kidney Power Supports the Kidneys

Kidney Power

Residues of medication in the body can cause the kidneys to become overloaded and lose some of their functionality. In the worst case, this can lead to permanent kidney failure in your dog.

Bellfor Kidney Power you can counteract this in a natural way. The selected mixture of herbs in this natural preparation ensures that your dog's kidneys are gently freed of medication residues and detoxification processes are stimulated.

Bellfor Immune strengthens the immune system

Both the allergy itself and the administration of medications, such as Apoquel, can put a strain on your dog's immune system. This can lead to your pet being particularly susceptible to infections and becoming ill more frequently.

With Bellfor Immun we have developed a natural food supplement to support weakened immune systems. Selected ingredients such as propolis and insect protein provide your dog with valuable nutrients and make an important contribution to strengthening the immune system.

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