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Bad breath in dogs: causes and tips for elimination

Of course you love your dog. However, foot odor can put this love to a hard test. Finally, the bad breath of the four-legged friend can easily pollute the whole apartment or the car.

Bad breath can have different causes in dogs. From simple impurities of the teeth up to serious diseases almost everything is possible. In the following, we will explain which triggers are possible and what you can do about them.

Possible causes of mouth odour in dogs

There are several possible causes for your dog's bad breath. Depending on the trigger, the measures required to eliminate bad breath can vary.

Bad breath due to dental problems

Purulent or rotten teeth can cause bad breath in dogs. This also applies to tartar and food residues that decompose into gaps or interdental spaces and can also cause bad breath.

Bad breath from mouth and throat

However, it is not always the teeth themselves that are responsible for the dog's bad breath. In addition, the bad breath can also be caused by stuck foreign bodies such as pieces of wood or food leftovers in the mouth of the animal. Eczema, inflammation or tumours in the mouth and throat of the dog are also possible causes of bad breath.

Mouth odour due to diet

However, it is also possible that the bad breath is caused by the diet of the dog. This can be the case, for example, if the food itself already smells badly, as is often the case with varieties that contain fish. In addition, feeding on offal such as rumen and food intolerances are possible dietary causes of bad breath in dogs.

Bad breath from eating excrement

Unfortunately, some dogs have a bad habit of eating the faeces of other animals. This of course also causes bad breath. In addition, it increases the risk that your quadruped gets infected with parasites such as Giardia or a disease. You should therefore not only stop this behaviour with regard to the mouth odour. 

Bad breath can indicate disease in dogs

In addition to these causes, there are also a number of diseases that can cause bad breath in dogs. These include gastritis, gastritis, diabetes, kidney problems, liver disease and infections of the gastrointestinal tract.

Identifying the causes of bad breath in dogs

To some extent, the type of bad breath can be used to determine the cause. If the breath of your four-legged friend smells like urine, for example, this indicates a kidney disease. If there is a metallic smell, bleeding during the change of teeth is likely. A bitter and fermented odour, on the other hand, is a sign of inflamed stomach mucous membranes, while a fruity, sweet bad breath indicates diabetes.

When dogs with bad breath are a case for veterinarians

If it is not clear that your dog's bad breath is caused by the wrong food or food leftovers and foreign bodies in his mouth, you should definitely make an appointment with the vet.

After all, the mouth odour may have been caused by dental problems or even a serious illness that needs urgent treatment. The vet will examine your dog and narrow down the problem. Based on the results of the examination, the veterinarian will then decide which treatment measures are necessary.

Regular dental care against mouth odour in dogs

In many cases the mouth odour in dogs is fortunately not due to a disease, but simply to a lack of dental hygiene. Because a clean set of teeth not only helps to avoid dental problems. By removing food residues and plaque quickly, it is also possible in many cases to prevent the development of bad breath from the outset.

In this context, it is particularly important and effective that you brush your dog's teeth daily. In addition, we recommend that you use high-quality chew snacks as treats. These stimulate the saliva production of your quadruped and help to remove food residues and plaque. In this way chewing snacks make an important contribution to dental health and to the prevention or elimination of mouth odour in your dog.

Bellfor Dental Sticks against bad breath in dogs

Dental Powder

When buying masticatory snacks, you should definitely pay attention to quality. Not all articles are healthy and suitable for dental care. With Bellfor Dental Sticks, on the other hand, you make a good choice in any case.

Because our chewing snacks contain only natural ingredients and consist of special ingredients for dental care. This makes them well-tolerated and at the same time very tasty, so that they are generally very well accepted by dogs of all breeds.

With selected ingredients such as insect protein (from the larvae of the black soldier fly), algae and diatoms, Bellfor Dental Sticks are ideal for dental care and for preventing and eliminating bad breath in dogs.

Bellfor Dental Care powder against plaque and tartar

In addition to our Dental Sticks we recommend you to use our Dental Care Powder for the daily dental care of your four-legged friend. The special combination of selected raw materials, such as diatomaceous earth, is the ideal complement to chewing snacks and brushing dogs' teeth.

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