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Deal no. 10 - Landgut-Menü (Farm Menu with insect protein) 2x 6x400 g + (Nierenkraft Pulver) Kidney strength powder 80g from Bellfor Dog Food

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Deal no. 10

Take 3, pay 2!

Don’t miss this attractive offer for your dog!

This is the ideal combination for a healthy dog diet!

Bellfor favourite menu

Bellfor grain-free wet food is produced in accordance with food standards and contains only fresh ingredients. The ingredients used in Bellfor are subject to strict controls and are made with love and like home-made. Bellfor favourite menus are complete menus and include proteins, carbohydrates, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals in a balanced proportion.

Bellfor Landgut-Menü (Farm-menu) is a hypoallergenic dog food, on the basis of the black soldier fly larva. The protein extracted from the black soldier larva is characterised by the unparalleled complexity of its amino acids and its high digestibility. The fat of the black soldier fly contains a high quantity of lauric acid, which supports the immune system in cases of various dietary deficiencies.


Insects 61% (black soldier fly), carrots 7%, sweet potatoes 6%, minerals, cranberry, apple, linseed oil, rosemary, oregano leaves

Bellfor Kidney Strength promotes the removal of pollutants from the kidney

Our dogs’ kidneys are exposed to many, often harmful environmental influences. Thus overloading the kidneys of the dog, which filter out toxins. The symptoms of a stressed kidney are diverse. It might show as skin and ear itching. The dog shows a loss of appetite, seems tired and listless. However, blood results are often satisfactory and examinations of organs provide unobtrusive findings. Nevertheless, the clinical picture often deteriorates and new symptoms appear. At this point a detox of your dog’s kidney to remove toxins should be considered.

How to use Nierenkraft Pulver (Kidney strength):

Bellfor Nierenkraft Pulver (Kidney Strength) is used for symptoms such as itching, hair loss, diarrhoea and frequent bowel movements.

It should be fed for a period of approximately four weeks.

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