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Dietary supplement for dogs - Nierenkraft (Kidney Strength) by Bellfor Dog Food - Biscuits - 200g

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Bellfor Kidney Strength - Biscuits - 200g

The kidney plays a decisive role in the entire organism of our dogs. The kidneys filter metabolic products, harmful substances, dissolved salts (electrolytes) and fluids from the blood and excrete them as urine.

Bellfor Kidney Strength- Natural Herbs

Carefully balanced herbs in Bellfor Kidney Strength nutritionally supports the function of your dog's kidneys. An optimal constitution of the detoxification organs is the most important prerequisite for the function of all metabolic processes and the condition of the dog's skin and hair.

Note: Store in a cool and dry place.


Field horsetail, ground (12%), birch leaves, ground (12%), bear grape leaves, ground (12%), parsley, ground (12%), marshmallow root, ground (12%), goldenrod herb, ground (12%), nettle seed, ground (12%), artichoke herb, ground (8%), ginger, ground (8%).

 Basic values
 Crude protein 3,4 %
 Crude fat <1,0 %
 Crude fibre 3,3 %
 Crude ash 2,9 %
 Moisture 9,2 %

Bellfor Kidney Strength Biscuits:

Dogs up to 10kg                  1 biscuit per day

Dogs from 10kg to 20 kg     2 biscuits per day

Dogs from 20kg to 30kg      3 biscuits per day

Dogs from 30kg o 50kg       4 biscuits per day


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