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Bolonka Tsvetna

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The Bolonka Tsvetna is a small breed of dog from Russia. The Bichon breed is not recognized by the FCI, but by the RKF, which represents Russia in this organization, it is assigned to FCI Group 9.

Characteristics of the Bolonka Tsvetna

The average life expectancy of Bolonka Tsvetna is 9 to 15 years. The height at the withers is 24 to 26 centimetres and the weight three to four kilograms.

The Bolonka Tsvetna has a long and dense coat with a striking sheen and a pronounced undercoat. It has an even length at its complete body and is either curly or wavy.

The breed standard of the Bolonka Tsvetna allows all colours with the exception of pied and white. Only smaller white markings on the toes and chest are accepted.

The head of the Bolonka Tsvetna is medium in size. This also applies to its rounded eyes, which may be either dark or (in liver-coloured specimens) a little lighter.

Characteristic for the appearance of the Bolonka Tsvetna is also its medium-long, completely hairy tail, the tip of which touches the back of the animal.

Bolonka Tsvetna character

The Bolonka Tsvetna is characterized by its well-balanced character and its cheerful and lively character. He is curious and willing to learn, and is also extremely adaptable.

In addition, a pronounced sociability is one of the traits of the Bolonka Tsvetna. He prefers to be a full member of the family and does not like it at all if he is left alone at home for too long.

When dealing with children, the Bolonka Tsvetna is usually just as uncomplicated as with other dogs or pets.

Activities with the Bolonka Tsvetna

The breeding of the Bolonka Tsvetna was from the very beginning aimed at making him a pleasant companion and social dog. The compact four-legged friends fit very well into a family with sufficient attention, however, need sufficient movement despite their small size.

If strength and endurance are not in the foreground, the Bolonka Tsvetna is also suitable for some dog sports, such as for example:

  • Dogdancing
  • Agility

The Bolonka Tsvetna has very little hair. However, its long coat needs sufficient care.

Bolonka Tsvetna food

The Bolonka Tsvetna is a very robust breed of dog. Typical diseases of the breed are therefore extremely rare and may occur when buying puppies from dubious breeders.

Nevertheless, it is important for the health and well-being of the Bolonka Tsvetna to pay attention to a diet that meets its needs. A high-quality dog food provides the little four-legged friend with all the necessary nutrients and a rationing adapted to his energy needs prevents overweight.

Bellfor's special breed feed promotes the well-being and health of your Bolonka Tsvetna from an early age.

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Now put together the food for your Bolonka Zwetna!

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