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Freiland-Schmaus (Free-Range feast) - Chicken - grain-freeGrain-free extruded dry dog food:Very dige..

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Australian Shepherd food from BellforThe Australian Shepherd is a medium sized North American herdin..

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Grain-free dog biscuits by Bellfor Knabber-Schmaus with fresh duck meatThe special treat for your do..

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High quality puppy food for large breeds from BellforPuppies have special nutritional needs. If thes..
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Naturgut-Schmaus - Insects - Grain-Free Cold-pressed - 10 kgUnfortunately, the item is currently not..

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Deal no. 3Take 3, pay 2!Deal No. 3 includes our Bellfor Wiesen-Schmaus (Meadow Feast) and our meat s..

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Gelenke & Knochen (Joints & Bones) - 50 Capsules Healthy joints, ligaments and tendons fo..

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Forstbach-Schmaus - Salmon & Trout - Cereal free cold pressed - 10 kgCereal-free dry dog food pr..

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Grain-free soft snacks - the healthy treat for at home and on the goThis Mix 3 Soft-snacks contains ..

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Wiesen-Schmaus - Chicken - grain-free cold-pressed - 10 kg Grain-free dry dog food obtain..

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Australian Shepherd Food

The Australian Shepherd is a medium sized North American dog breed which has been recognised by the FCI since 1996. The FCI leads the Australian Shepherd in group 1, i.e. among the herding dogs. Australian Shepherds are lively, persistent and agile. 

The Australian Shepherd is an intelligent and attentive dog who has a distinct protective instinct due to his original purpose. Nevertheless it is generally not aggressive and can be educated very well with some consequence.

Australian Shepherd Diseases

The Aussie, as the Australian Shepherd is also called, is usually extremely robust and healthy. Nevertheless, diseases can of course also occur in this breed.

Possible diseases of the Australian Shepherd include hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia and various eye diseases such as cataracts.

Bellfor Joints & Bones play an important role in treating your dog's hip dysplasia. The preparation contains the innovative active ingredient Ovopet, which is produced from the membrane of eggshells. 

In contrast to other products, Bellfor Joint & Bone not only alleviates the symptoms (inflammation and pain), but also supports the reconstruction of the joints thanks to its unique active ingredient complex.  

Australia Shepherd food

In order to ensure the health of your dog, you should pay attention from the outset to a balanced and species-appropriate diet. Various factors such as age, weight, allergies, sporting activities or diseases play an important role.

The Australian Shepherd attaches great importance to being sufficiently active and busy. To meet the energy needs of the active animals, we recommend feeding them with our grain-free Heide-Schmaus. 

The easily digestible dry food has a particularly high meat content and is ideally suited as food for the Australia Shepherd. By using selected raw materials and avoiding artificial additives, you can be sure that Bellfor Heide-Schmaus will provide your dog with good digestibility and optimal nutrition. 

In order to challenge your Australian Shepherd mentally and physically, various dog sports, such as dog trekking and agility, are very suitable. As a healthy reward during training we recommend our tasty Heide-Happen without cereals and with lots of fresh meat in food quality.

It has always been our goal to support dog owners in feeding their four-legged friends the right way. For this reason, we offer the food for your Australian Shepherd as an inexpensive savings set. Secure your package with Heide-Schmaus and Heide-Happen at a special price and get an additional 10% discount the next time you order food for your Australian Shepherd from us.

Our food set for your Australian Shepherd at a glance:

The Bellfor nutrition concept optimally supports the health and well-being of your Australian Shepherd right from the start.