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Bolonka Tsvetna food from Bellfor

The Bolonka Tsvetna is a small breed of dog from Russia. The Bichon breed is not recognized by the FCI, but by the RKF, which represents Russia in this organization, it is assigned to FCI Group 9.

The Bolonka Tsvetna is characterized by its well-balanced character and its cheerful and lively character. He is curious and willing to learn, and is also extremely adaptable.

When dealing with children, the Bolonka Tsvetna is usually just as uncomplicated as with other dogs or pets.

The breeding of the Bolonka Tsvetna has always had the goal of making it a pleasant companion and companion dog. The compact four-legged friends fit into a family very well with sufficient attention, however, need sufficient movement despite their small size.

The Bolonka Tsvetna has very little hair. However, its long coat needs sufficient care.

Bolonka Tsvetna food

The Bolonka Tsvetna is a very robust breed of dog. Typical diseases of the breed are therefore extremely rare and may occur when buying puppies from dubious breeders.

Nevertheless, it is important for the health and well-being of the Bolonka Tsvetna to pay attention to a diet that meets its needs. A high-quality dog food provides the little four-legged friend with all the necessary nutrients and a rationing adapted to his energy needs prevents overweight.

The Bolonka Tsvetna is robust. In contrast to many other dogs it does not tend to breed-typical diseases in the normal case. Nevertheless, it is essential to pay sufficient attention to the dog's diet so that all necessary nutrients can be provided and obesity avoided.

As Bolonka Tsvetna food we recommend a combination of our favourite wet food menu and our dry food Freiland-Schmaus Mini, which is perfect for smaller dog breeds thanks to its extra small croquettes. Both feeds consist exclusively of high-quality natural ingredients and contain no grain. You can therefore be sure that your Bolonka Tsvetna will tolerate its food well and that the little four-legged friend will not lack anything.

Of course not only big but also small dogs like the Bolonka Tsvetna appreciate tasty dog snacks. Our cereal-free free-range snacks with 50 percent chicken meat are the perfect healthy reward for in between and are guaranteed to delight your Bolonka Tsvetna.

It is our concern to support dog owners in the appropriate nutrition of their four-legged friends. For this reason we have put together an inexpensive Bolonka Tsvetna food set. Order the package of favourite menu, open-air feast and open-air snacks at a special price and also get a voucher that will save you 10 percent on your next purchase of Bolonka Tsvetna food.

Our food set for your Bolonka Tsvetna at a glance:

With the Bellfor nutrition concept you support the healthy development of your Bolonka Tsvetna from an early age.

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