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Best Dachshund food by Bellfor

The dachshund is a German dog breed which was originally bred for underground hunting of foxes and badgers. Other common names for the dachshund are dachshund (especially among hunters) and Dachshund. The FCI classifies this small dog breed in group 4.

Dachshunds are characterized by an extremely friendly nature. They tend neither to aggressiveness nor to excessive anxiety. They have a self-confident character, which is important for them especially in view of their actual task, hunting badgers and foxes.

Dachshunds are agile animals that need sufficient activity. 

Dachshunds are intelligent and have a high urge to move. It is therefore essential for their well-being to be challenged both mentally and physically. With regard to nutrition, this means that the feed must provide the dachshund with high quality and the right nutrients in the right quantity. At the same time, the amount of food has to be adapted to the needs of the four-legged friend in order to avoid overweight and the associated consequences.

Dachshund diseases

Like most pedigree dogs, the dachshund unfortunately also tends to certain breed-specific diseases. Especially herniated discs often cause problems for the animals. Responsible for this is on the one hand their elongated body in combination with their short legs. On the other hand, dachshunds have relatively weak intervertebral disc cartilage, which further increases the risk of problems with the intervertebral discs.

In addition, dachshunds can suffer from hypothyroidism and feed allergies (as with practically all dog breeds) are becoming more common.

Dachshund food

In general, the nutrition of the Dachshund should be based on a high quality dog food. This not only promotes the animal's vitality but also reduces the risk of food allergies.

If there is an underactive thyroid gland, treatment with hormones is usually unavoidable. In addition, to protect the remaining thyroid tissue, it makes sense to adjust the intake of iodine via the feed.

In view of the increased probability of herniated discs, care should also be taken to ensure that dachshunds receive a diet that meets their needs. Otherwise, obesity can quickly occur, making disc problems more likely.

We recommend as dachshund food a combination of our favourite wet food menu and outdoor snacks Mini (our dry food especially for small dog breeds). Both varieties are grain-free and do not contain any artificial ingredients, so that optimal digestibility is guaranteed. In addition, high-quality ingredients and gentle production ensure that the feed provides your dachshund with all the necessary nutrients and thus makes an important contribution to the well-being of the four-legged friend.

Our food set for your dachshund at a glance:

A balanced diet can make a significant contribution to a healthy and long life for your dog. With our dachshund food set we want to support you in the best possible way. Order the package consisting of outdoor food mini, outdoor menu and outdoor snacks at a special price and get an additional 10 percent discount for your next Dachshund food purchase.

Dachshund food
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