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Labrador food - premium quality from Bellfor

The Labrador Retriever belongs to the 350 dog breeds recognized by the FCI, which are assigned to group 8 (retrieving dogs). The Labrador originates from Newfoundland and is one of the medium-sized dog breeds. It is regarded as a patient and balanced family dog. At the same time the Labrador Retriever is very active and needs a lot of exercise.

The Labrador Retriever is neither aggressive nor anxious. He is generally regarded as adaptable, family-friendly and fond of children.

Since the Labrador is a very active dog breed, there is a tendency for an increased risk of hip dysplasia. This joint disease, in which the socket and head of the joint increasingly wear out, is associated in an advanced stage with great pain and a strong restriction of mobility.

Proper nutrition of the Labrador Retriever

In order to avoid hip dysplasia, Labrador retrievers should be fed from a very early age with the aim of ensuring an optimal supply of all important nutrients.

We recommend that you use special dog food from our range to feed your Labrador and that you trust Bellfor Joints & Bones to prevent joint problems.

When feeding the Labrador Retriever, care must be taken to provide the dog with the right nutrients in the right amounts. The exact need depends on various factors such as weight, age and activity. 

In general, Labrador food should be of the highest possible quality and easily digestible. Cold pressed dry food such as Bellfor Wiesen-Schmaus fulfils these requirements perfectly and is therefore just as suitable as food for the Labrador as our cereal-free wet food free-range menu.

Both varieties are characterised by a high meat content as well as the avoidance of cereals and artificial additives and therefore represent the ideal feed for your Labrador. 

If you want to reward your Labrador during training or simply make him happy with a tasty dog treat in between, it is important to pay attention to the quality of the snack. For a balanced diet, it is therefore best to use our healthy outdoor snacks as a species-appropriate dog snack for in between.

With our special food set for Labradors we support you in feeding your dog according to his needs. Secure the package of meadow feast, open-air menu and open-air snacks in the inexpensive economy set. In addition, you will receive a discount coupon with your delivery that will save you 10 percent on your next purchase of Labrador food.

The Bellfor food set for Labradors at a glance:

The Bellfor nutrition concept promotes the development and well-being of your Labrador from an early age.

Labrador food
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