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Pug food by Bellfor

The pug has long since made it into the hearts of countless dog owners. The popular social dog probably originates from China, where its ancestors were bred about 2,000 years ago, before they finally found their way to Europe in the 16th century.

The pug is listed in group 9 by the FCI. Thanks to its balanced and child-friendly character, the pug is now widely used as a family dog.

The pug is regarded as lively, cheerful and balanced. Aggressive behavior does not correspond at all to its nature. Nevertheless, he is extremely courageous and faces supposed dangers fearlessly.

The pug is absolutely uncomplicated to handle and proves to be an intelligent and charming companion dog for everyday life.

He usually gets along well with children as well as with other pets, which makes him an excellent dog for families.

In and of themselves, pugs are robust animals. Compared to other dog breeds, however, they tend to be overweight and are prone to urinary stones.

When choosing the right food for a pug, there are two things to keep in mind. On the one hand, the animals tend to become overweight, which is why it is important to keep the energy supply within limits. The best way to do this is with our favourite menu. The high-quality wet food is grain-free and is ideal as a digestible food for your pug.

As a figure-friendly reward for in between, we recommend our natural Heide-Happen with a meat content of 50 percent. 

In addition to weight problems, the pug also has an increased risk of skin diseases such as skin wrinkle dermatitis. In order to counteract these, it makes sense to use a dietary supplement with Bellfor Skin & Coat in addition to an easily digestible food. 

With selected ingredients such as brewer's yeast and insect protein, this natural product provides the skin and coat with an optimum supply of nutrients and thus helps to prevent discomfort with your pug.

We want to support you in the best possible way with the appropriate nutrition of your dog. For this reason we have put together a special food set for your pug. The package consists of our favourite menu in two different varieties as well as Soft Bites and Bellfor Skin & Coat. Secure your savings set at a special price and get an additional 10 percent discount on your next Pug food order.

Our food set for your pug at a glance:

The Bellfor nutrition concept contributes to the health and well-being of your Pug from an early age.

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