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Callosity in the dog

Lying calluses, often also referred to as lying bumps, are a widespread problem in dogs. Especially large breeds with a high body weight are affected. They are also more common in dogs suffering from obesity.

Lying bumps in dogs - causes and symptoms

Lying bumps occur in dogs especially in places where the bone presses directly on the skin when lying down. Accordingly, they develop particularly often at the elbows, breastbone and hocks.

There it comes to a strong pressure load when lying down, whereby the dog loses hair first. In addition, the skin is only insufficiently supplied with blood in these areas, so that more and more skin cells die over time.

As protection against lying bumps, a thick cornea initially develops in these areas, which, however, becomes cracked in the course of time. The small cracks in the skin can allow bacteria to penetrate and cause inflammation. In addition, the cracks can even cause minor bleeding.

Unfortunately, owners often recognize lying bumps in their dog very late. This would be important in order to enable uncomplicated treatment and complete healing. Already strongly developed lying calluses can possibly even make an operative impression necessary as well as lead to permanent skin changes.

Lying calluses in dogs - possibilities for prevention

It is important to take appropriate preventive measures to prevent the development of calluses in dogs in the first place. For this purpose it has proven itself to always provide the dog with a soft surface to lie on. This ensures a better distribution of the pressure and thus relieves sensitive areas such as the elbows for lying bumps.

Callosity in the dog
Lying bumps in the dog - treatment with Bellfor

If your dog already suffers from ulceration, you should take care of the treatment as soon as possible. Experience has shown that with the right combination of care products and dietary supplements from our range, very good results can be achieved.

We recommend that you treat your dog's lying bumps with the following products:

Bellfor Skin & Coat

Bellfor Skin & Coat is a purely natural dietary supplement. The preparation has a high proportion of high-quality amino acids (from insect protein). Bellfor Skin & Coat also contains many important micronutrients. Thanks to its combination of selected ingredients, the dietary supplement provides your dog with exactly the nutrients needed for the formation of new (healthy) skin cells and new hair in the area of the recumbent calluses.

Joints & Bones

Bellfor Joints & Bones

Bellfor Joints & Bones is another nutritional supplement from our range. It was originally developed to support the joint health of dogs. Thanks to the hyaluronic acid it contains, Bellfor Joints & Bones is also suitable for the treatment of recumbent calluses. Hyaluronic acid acts as a water reservoir in the skin and provides new resilience and elasticity.

Bellfor calluses ointment

With our calluses ointment we have developed a particularly effective care product for dogs with recumbent bumps. Selected ingredients such as beeswax and insect fat from the larvae of the black soldier fly have an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect and also contribute to the regeneration of the skin.

In addition, the hyaluronic acid contained in the product gives the dog's stressed skin elasticity and new resilience. Like all our products, our ulceration ointment contains only high-quality raw materials and is free of artificial additives.

Lying calluses in the dog - our conclusion

Lying calluses often do not receive the necessary attention from dog owners. Either they are not recognized as such or they are simply accepted as unavoidable.

In order to protect your dog from major complaints caused by lying bumps, you should prevent them with a well-padded sleeping area and treat existing lying bumps promptly with the products recommended by us.

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