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Bellfor products for dog care and protection

High quality care products for dogs from Bellfor

More and more dog owners are aware of the great importance of a balanced and species-appropriate dog nutrition. In addition, however, appropriate care also plays an important role for the health and well-being of dogs.

For this reason, we have developed a range of high-quality care products for dogs, which are specially tailored to the needs of your four-legged friend.

What is really important about dog care products?

The selection of care products for dogs is huge. Therefore, it is sometimes difficult for owners to find suitable products for their dog. After all, they should do the animal good and not harm it with unsuitable ingredients.

In order to prevent this, it is important, among other things, to use ausschließĺich care products that are especially suitable for dogs. Products from the own care assortment should be avoided however consistently. Because these contain frequently active substances, which are not tolerated by dogs and can lead therefore among other things to incompatibilities.

In addition, it goes without saying that it is important to pay attention to high quality. Good care products for dogs are free of artificial additives and contain only natural raw materials that guarantee perfect digestibility.

This is why you are right with our products for dog care

Bellfor has always stood for natural products of outstanding quality. Our care products for dogs are no exception. As with our dog food, we deliberately avoid artificial additives. 

Instead, we rely on high-quality raw materials of natural origin and gentle manufacturing processes in order to guarantee the optimum effectiveness and compatibility of our care products for dogs.

Dog care - your advantages with Bellfor care products:

  • No artificial or harmful additives
  • High-quality raw materials from selected suppliers
  • Excellent digestibility thanks to natural ingredients
  • Suitable for effective care of all breeds of dogs
  • Simple application without great time expenditure
  • Developed for the well-being of your dog

Our range of care products for dogs 

Whether skin complaints, parasites or problems with the eyes or ears - in the Bellfor dog care range you will certainly find the right care products for your dog.

You can currently choose from the following dog care products:

Natural tick protection from Bellfor

Protection from tick bites should be an important part of daily dog care during the warm season. After all, ticks can infect your dog with dangerous diseases such as Lyme disease. In addition to regularly searching the coat, we therefore recommend that you use Bellfor ZEComplete as a tick repellent for your dog. 

Bellfor ZEComplete are available in spray and ZEComplete Biscuits form in various sizes and, unlike many conventional products, do not contain any toxins that could harm your four-legged friend.

Natural remedies against mites

An infestation with mites is not only annoying for your dog. Depending on the species, it can also have serious consequences for the health of the affected animal. However, like many tick repellents, conventional mite repellents often contain potentially harmful acaricides as active ingredients.

With our care products for dogs, such as our Anti-Grass Mite Spray or our Ear Mite Drops, we offer you a digestible alternative with which you can naturally counteract mite infestation in your dog.

Ear Care Drops from Bellfor

Some dog breeds are more prone to problems with the ears, which is why regular ear care is unavoidable with them. With Bellfor Ear Care Drops we have developed a natural care product for the ears of dogs. 

Thanks to selected ingredients such as castor oil and shea butter, the drops are ideal for daily cleaning and care as well as for dogs with aching or inflamed ears.

Eye Care Drops from Bellfor

Eye problems are common in dogs. Many breeds tend to have dry or inflamed eyes due to anatomical peculiarities, which is why regular eye care in the form of suitable drops is often essential.

Our Eye Care Drops are a natural eye care product for this purpose, as well as for dogs with dry and irritated eyes or an excessive flow of tears.

Our natural ointments for skin care

A healthy skin is of great importance for dogs of all breeds. However, possible skin problems such as ulcers, minor wounds and cracks, dry spots or dandruff are a common problem.

With Bellfor Paw Protection as well as our Callouses Ointment you will find in our range two care products for dogs, which we have developed especially for animals with skin problems.

Side-effect-free dog care with natural products from Bellfor

Regular care is essential for your dog's well-being and health. With Bellfor you can choose products with natural ingredients in premium quality for your dog care. 

For this reason, you can rely on our dog care products to ensure that your dog's body is not unnecessarily stressed and that there are no unwanted side effects.

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