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Bellfor dog shampoo for gentle body care

Bellfor dog shampoo for gentle body care

Appropriate grooming is almost as important for your dog's well-being as adequate feeding. This includes bathing your dog from time to time. You can do this in a very gentle way with Bellfor dog shampoo.

What to look for in dog shampoo

Dogs should only be bathed occasionally, otherwise their skin would be put under too much stress. You must not use ordinary shampoo for humans on dogs. Instead, shampoo which is particularly suitable for dogs should be applied.

However, please be aware that not every dog shampoo is equally suitable for every dog. It is therefore vital that you pay attention when you buy dog shampoo. Its formula should be tailored to the needs of your dog's skin and coat as closely as possible.

Why Bellfor dog shampoo is the right choice

When we developed our dog shampoos, we attached great value on only using well tolerated ingredients that allow skin-friendly grooming.

We consciously avoided artificial fragrances and other unsuitable substances which can damage the skin and fur. Instead, Bellfor dog shampoo consists of carefully selected high-quality ingredients, such as natural surfactants, olive oil and honey.

That way we can guarantee that our dog shampoo can unfold its cleansing effect in the best possible way, without unnecessarily harming the dog's skin or fur.

Why there is so little foam in our dog shampoo

Many dog owners are of the impression that a good dog shampoo has to create an ample amount of foam and therefore they wonder whether the Bellfor shampoo has a sufficient cleaning effect.

However, this is a misconception. The foam is actually created by so-called sulfates. These are chemicals that are contained in many dog shampoos, but they have no positive influence on the cleaning effect whatsoever.

In practice, they can even reduce it, as many dog owners will stop lathering their four-legged friend sooner due to the strong foam formation or leave the shampoo on the coat for a shorter time. In addition, a strong foaming dog shampoo is more difficult to rinse and therefore residues are more likely to remain in the dog's fur.

When buying dog shampoo you should therefore attach importance to the quality of the ingredients instead of looking out for shampoo that produces the most foam. It is those high-quality ingredients that ensure that your dog's skin and fur are cleaned thoroughly.

In our shampoos, we deliberately avoid the use of sulfates, therefore there will be a low foam build-up. This makes Bellfor dog shampoo easier to rinse out, which not only saves time, but also reduces water and energy consumption when bathing your dog.

At the same time, you can rest assured that thanks to its natural ingredients our dog shampoo reliably contributes to a healthy complexion and thick coat and prevents problems such as itchy or flaky skin and brittle fur.

Dog shampoo for every four-legged friend

Our range currently consists of three different dog shampoos. You can therefore choose a product that suits your dog's needs best and ensure appropriate grooming tailored to its needs.

You can choose from the following shampoos:

  1. Shampoo to promote a shiny coat
  2. Shampoo for a dry coat
  3. Shampoo with replenishing and nourishing properties

Advantages of Bellfor dog shampoo at a glance:

  • Available in three different varieties
  • Ideal for individualised grooming
  • Carefully selected ingredients
  • Free from artificial fragrances and other unsuitable substances 
  • Excellent skin tolerance

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