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ZEComplete natural Spray for dogs by Bellfor Dog Food - 100ml

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ZEComplete Spray for dogs - 100ml

Bellfor ZEComplete spray for dogs - the natural alternative against ticks 

Bellfor ZEComplete spray support the natural defence against parasites and ticks. The special formulation ensures that the dog’s body odour is altered and therefore repels ticks and other parasites.

The right composition for dogs is all that matters

Bellfor ZEComplete spray contain different natural raw materials, which contain a high concentration of lauric acid. 

This is achieved by the addition of fat from the black soldier fly larva. It contained more than 60% lauric acid.

In conjunction with coconut and black cumin oil, Bellfor ZEComplete spray is thus the ideal, natural alternative to parasite defence. 

Bellfor ZEComplete spray for dogs - the ideal alternative for dogs

Our Bellfor ZEComplete spray is a natural product without chemical additives.

It is equally suitable for spraying the immediate vicinity of the dog (e.g. sleeping and resting place, etc.) or direct spraying of the coat.

Bellfor ZEComplete spray ensures an effective long-term protection (approx. 24 hours) against ticks and other parasites such as mites and fleas.

In combination with our Bellfor ZEComplete Biscuits it is the ideal alternative to chemical ticks products.


Coconut oil, insect fat, milk thistle oil, emulsifiers, black cumin oil.

Application recommendation:

  • Spray 1 to 2 times a day on a large area of coat and skin. Ideal before going for a walk.
  • Do not use on broken skin. 
  • Spray the coat evenly and rub in. Leave out the areas around mouth and eyes. 

Only for external use. 

Shake well before use! 

Side effects are not known.


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