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Caring for and protecting your dog

Caring for and protecting your dog

A full bowl of food is not enough to ensure your dog is healthy and happy – a requirements-based care routine is also of crucial importance.

In our Dogs Guide, we explain all important aspects of canine care-giving. For example, you’ll learn what makes a good sleeping place for dogs and how to properly look after your pup’s teeth. We also go into detail about topics such as protection against parasites and poisoning.

How to look after your dog’s teeth

Even though dogs generally no longer need their teeth to kill prey, a healthy set of teeth is essential for their well-being. Because just like people, dogs can get painful dental problems such as cavities and gum inflammation.

We will show you how to avoid such problems and how you can protect your dog's dental health in an efficient and completely natural way.

How to protect dogs against parasites

From mites that can cause severe skin irritation to ticks carrying dangerous diseases, parasites are a considerable problem for dogs. It is therefore important that you provide your dog with optimum protection against them.

There is a wide range of parasite control products available, but not every product has the desired effect. Some products can even damage your dog's health. In our articles about parasites, we suggest useful alternatives and explain what else you can do to protect your dog from infection.

How to protect dogs from poisoning

Unfortunately, dogs often suffer from poisoning. In addition to the ingestion of harmful food and plants, poisonous bait is also sometimes laid out with malicious intent.

As a responsible dog owner, you must know how to protect your dog from poisoning in the best possible way. We offer support in our articles by explaining which foods your four-legged friend must not eat under any circumstances and how to behave correctly in an emergency.

Helpful tips for everyday life with your dog

Everyday life as a dog owner holds many challenges such as choosing the right dog bed, regular grooming and facing problems when walking.

We guide you step-by-step through important aspects of everyday life with your dog, and how you can make sure that your four-legged friend has everything it needs and feels completely comfortable with you.

Support for pregnant dogs

If you decide to breed your dog, you should consider the particular care required for a pregnant pooch. Special feeding is of crucial importance for the health of the mother and her unborn puppies.

In our guides, you can find out important information and see which products from the Bellfor range are best suited to your pregnant dog.

Care and protection to promote health

Appropriate care and protection measures not only play a role in terms of your dog's well-being, but also its health. We address important topics in our articles such as how to avoid weight gain, important vaccinations, and the prevention of skin problems.

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Painkillers for dogs

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