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Czechoslovak Wolfhound

The Czechoslovak Wolfhound is a large dog breed from the former Czechoslovakia. The aim of this crossing of German Shepherd Dog and Wolf was originally to breed a robust working dog. The Czechoslovak Wolfhound has been recognized by the FCI since 1999 and is classified in group 1.

Characteristics of the Czechoslovak Wolfhound

The life expectancy of the Czechoslovak Wolfhound is about 12 years. With a height at withers of at least 60 centimetres for females and at least 65 centimetres for males, the Czechoslovak Wolfhound is one of the big breeds.

The minimum weight for male dogs is 25 kilograms, while female Czechoslovak Wolfhounds are slightly lighter with at least 20 kilograms.

Of course, the appearance of the Czechoslovak Wolfhound is particularly striking. This does its name all credit and reminds very strongly of a wolf. This starts with its wedge-shaped head and continues with its grey coat, which can also show silver or yellowish impacts.

In addition, the Czechoslovak Wolfhound has a strong musculature, which makes the animals very persistent. All in all, his physique is powerful and balanced.

The dense fur of the Czechoslovak Wolfhound adapts very strongly to the respective season. In the winter, the dog forms a particularly dense undercoat during the fur-change, that makes it insensitive to cold.

Czechoslovak Wolfhound character

Czechoslovak Wolfhound character

The character of the Czechoslovak Wolfhound reflects the characteristics of both the German Shepherd Dog and the Wolf Wolfhound. The animals prove to be very perceptive and persistent. Their hunting instinct is still strong.

If the Czechoslovak Wolfhound is educated with the necessary empathy and patience, he is always faithful to his owner. At the same time, however, his relationship to the wolf cannot be denied in this respect. For the Czechoslovak wolfhound usually encounters new situations at a distance and with his innate instinct to escape.

Activities with the Czechoslovak Wolfhound

The Czechoslovak Wolfhound is quick to react, efficient and has a good instinct. These characteristics make him an excellent service dog for police and military.

In general, it is important that the Czechoslovak Wolfhound is always used to full capacity. It has a very pronounced urge to move and can compete with wolves in terms of endurance.

Not least for this reason, the Czechoslovak wolfhound is only very limitedly suitable as a family dog. Owners should already have some experience with dogs and be aware of the time-consuming education and keeping of this demanding dog breed.

Czechoslovak Wolfhound Diseases

The Czechoslovak Wolfhound is a very robust dog breed, in which typical diseases of the breed almost do not occur. In some cases, however, the disease of hip dysplasia is possible. Probably his relationship to the German shepherd dog is responsible for this.

Czechoslovak Wolfhound Food

In order to optimally supply the Czechoslovak Wolfhound with all necessary nutrients, we recommend the use of a special, high-quality dog food.

It is also important to cover the dog's energy requirements. Decisive factors include age, weight and activity.

Due to their high urge to move and the at least low risk of hip dysplasia, we additionally recommend a dietary supplement with Bellfor joints and bones. In this way, the stressed musculoskeletal system can be ideally supplied with additional nutrients and protected against wear and tear.

With the help of Bellfor nutrition concept, you support the well-being and development of your Czechoslovak Wolfhound from an early age.

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