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Devil's claw for dogs

Devil's claw is a medicinal plant from Africa, from which the roots are used. These are dried, ground into powder and then processed into tablets or capsules, for example.

Food supplements with devil's claw are not only produced for humans, but also for dogs. In the following, we will explain to you what effect they should have.

Devil's clawDevil's claw in dogs: Fields of application

Devil's claw was originally regarded as a natural remedy for digestive complaints, urinary tract diseases and loss of appetite. It is also said to have an anti-inflammatory, analgesic and decongestant effect.

For this reason, devil's claw is now quite often used as a dietary supplement for diseases of the musculoskeletal system, such as arthritis and osteoarthritis.

The efficacy for joint complaints is questionable

Whether Devil's Claw can actually help dogs alleviate their joint problems, however, is at least more than questionable. Even though it is a medicinal plant that has been known for a long time, there have been no meaningful studies to date to prove its efficacy as a dietary supplement against joint problems.

In addition it comes that Teufelskralle has quite a pain-relieving effect. However, it does not contain nutrients such as hyaluronic acid and collagen, which are needed for joint health.

Egg shell membraneOur alternative to Devil's Claw: Bellfor Joints & Bones

If you prefer to be on the safe side, we recommend that your dog with joint problems instead grab Bellfor Joints & Bones. This is also a purely natural dietary supplement.

The main difference between Bellfor and Devil's Claw, however, is that the latest study results were taken into account when Bellfor Joints & Bones was developed.

For this reason, the preparation contains the unique active ingredient complex Ovopet, the high effectiveness of which has been proven in studies. Ovopet is obtained from the egg shell membrane of the chicken egg and consists of around 500 different ingredients.

With regard to joint health in your dog, the following active ingredients are particularly important:

Bellfor Joints & Bones

This combination has a synergistic effect, so Bellfor Joints & Bones is exceptionally effective. In dogs with existing joint problems, Ovopet can often achieve initial success after just 20 days. In many cases, a significant improvement in mobility can be seen after about 60 days.

If your dog suffers from joint problems, Bellfor Joints & Bones is the ideal dietary supplement to sustainably reduce the symptoms. In addition, we recommend a preventive dietary supplement with Bellfor Joints & Bones especially for sports and service dogs as well as older four-legged friends.

Devil's claw for dogs - our conclusion

Devil's Claw may be a widely used natural remedy. However, it does not have a proven positive effect on the joint health of dogs.

Especially in view of the fact that joint problems can lead to a massive impairment of the quality of life of your four-legged friend, we advise you not to rely on a food supplement with devil's claw.

Instead, rely on the latest scientific findings, as we have taken them into account at Bellfor Joints & Bones, and rely on proven efficacy.

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