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Bellfor Vermal - Powder - 250gBellfor Vermal - Powder - the 100% natural way for worming i..

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Bellfor Vermal - Powder - 80gBellfor Vermal - Powder - the 100% natural way for worming infesta..

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Bellfor Vermal - Biscuits - 200gBellfor Vermal - Biscuits - the 100% natural way for wormi..

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Puppy milk (Welpenmilch) from Bellfor dog food - powder - 1 kgSupplementary feed for dogsPuppies nee..

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A normal, busy and healthy dog is well cared for with Bellfor’s dry dog food. Bellfor dog food provides all the important nutrients your furry friend needs. Dietary supplements can still be useful for your pet at times of heavy physical exertion and stress, after surgery and diseases or old age.

Bellfor offers a wide range

Bellfor’s dietary supplements are a useful addition to strengthen and support your dog’s body. Feeding our products can contribute to the relief of pain in joints, tendons, ligaments and cartilage and thus result in improving your dog’s mobility. Bellfor’s dietary supplements are also suitable to restore and strengthen the immune system, when skin and coat is in bad condition and to support old, weak and sporting dogs.

Sometimes, less is more: Meaningful use of Bellfor’s nutritional supplements

Bellfor’s dietary supplement can be useful for old or very active dogs, pregnant bitches, bitches after weaning of the pups or allergic reactions. Be sure to observe the dosage instructions. An overdose may harm your dog as much as malnutrition.

Dosage form of Bellfor’s dietary supplements

Bellfor’s dietary supplements are available in various forms: grain-free biscuits, capsules or powder. You can choose the optimum dosage form for your dog yourself.

The range of Bellfor’s dietary supplements

  • Joints & bones
  • Immun
  • Skin & coat
  • Kidney strength
  • Worming treatment
  • Fitness

All Bellfor’s dietary supplements were developed in cooperation with veterinarians and animal health practitioners. Studies of different veterinary colleges support the efficiency of the raw materials used. All the ingredients used are 100% natural - Bellfor - the power of nature.