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Bernese Mountain Dog food set by Bellfor

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£45.49 £57.43
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Healthy food for Bernese Mountain Dogs from Bellfor

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a large, long-haired dog from Switzerland. It can be used as a rescue and tracking dog or simply kept as a family dog. The right food helps to provide the Bernese Mountain and Cattle Dog with the best possible support for its general health and well-being.

Which food is most suitable for the Bernese Mountain and Cattle Dog?

The Bernese Mountain Dog is very large and heavy, so a relatively large amount of food is required in order to meet their energy requirements. The Bernese Mountain Dog is also at a fairly high risk of dangerous stomach twists.

We therefore recommend that you feed your Bernese Mountain Dog with Wiesen-Schmaus from Bellfor. Wiesen-Schmaus is a cold-pressed dry food. This has the advantage that the individual chunks only swell up slightly in the animal's stomach, significantly reducing the risk of stomach twists.

Moreover, you can of course rely on Bellfor’s usual high quality. Our Wiesen-Schmaus is grain-free and contains neither artificial additives nor low-grade ingredients such as vegetable or animal by-products. Instead, the food provides your Bernese Mountain Dog with an appropriate amount of animal protein and easily digestible carbohydrates.

Of course, healthy dog snacks should also be a part of your Bernese Mountain Dog’s everyday life. We recommend our Deer Lung Cubes and Bellfor Joints & Bones Soft-Happen. The latter contain the natural active ingredient complex Ovopet from the eggshell membrane of hen's eggs, which provides your dog with a number of important nutrients for the joints.

Order high-quality food for Bernese Mountain Dogs in a value set

Establishing a requirements-based diet makes a vital contribution to the prevention of health problems and supports the well-being of your dog at every meal. We want to help you provide nutritionally-balanced meals to your Bernese Mountain Dog and have put together a suitable food set.

You can order the value multi-pack with Bellfor Wiesen-Schmaus, our healthy Joints & Bones Soft-Happen and Deer Lung Cubes snacks at a special price in our shop. As a thank you, you will also receive a 10% discount voucher for your next purchase.

Our food set for Bernese Mountain Dogs includes:


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