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Chihuahua food set by Bellfor

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Chihuahua food from Bellfor

The Chihuahua is considered the smallest dog breed in the world. The four-legged dogs coming from Mexico are characterized by a loyal nature and are surprisingly courageous despite their small body size. As with all dog breeds the right nutrition plays an important role for the health of Chihuahua. But with Chihuahua food from Bellfor a species-appropriate feeding works without problems.

Which food is good for Chihuahuas?

In order to ensure that Chihuahuas are fed according to their needs, various factors such as age and activities of the dog must be taken into account. Due to their low body weight, Chihuahuas have a comparatively low energy requirement, which must be taken into account when feeding.

In order to avoid overweight, we therefore recommend feeding with our favourite cereal-free menu. Wet food has a significantly lower energy density than dry food, so that the portions of your Chihuahua do not have to be too small.

Regardless of this, your Chihuahua will certainly appreciate occasional dog treats. With our Heide-Happen you are choosing a healthy and easily digestible reward. The tender and tasty snacks are grain-free and have an extra high meat content.

In addition to high-quality Chihuahua food and healthy dog snacks, it also makes sense to support the skin health of your little four-legged friend in a natural way. For this reason we advise you to a food supplement with our skin & fur powder. The selected ingredients of the preparation provide your Chihuahua with the perfect combination of nutrients for healthy skin and a dense and shiny coat.

Best Chihuahua food at a special price

We would like to support you with the appropriate feeding of your dog and have therefore put together a special food set for Chihuahuas. Order the set with two different types of favourite menu, Bellfor Skin & Coat Powder and delicious Heide-Happenat a special price and enjoy an additional 10 percent discount on your next purchase of Bellfor Chihuahua food.

The Bellfor food set for Chihuahuas at a glance:


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