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Dalmatian food set by Bellfor

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Value food multi-pack for Dalmatians from Bellfor

The Dalmatian from Croatia is a distinctive breed, not least due to its striking black and white coat. When choosing the right food for your Dalmatian, there are some things to consider to avoid health problems.

Which food is suitable for Dalmatians?

In contrast to most other dog breeds, the Dalmatian is not able to break down purine to allantoin due to a genetic defect. Therefore, if fed incorrectly, the level of uric acid increases and bladder and kidney stones could occur. In the worst-case scenario, this can even lead to renal colic.

In order to avoid such health problems, Dalmatians need a diet with the lowest possible purine content. We therefore recommend our low-purine varieties with insect protein from the larvae of black soldier flies (Hermetia illucens).

Both our Landgut-Schmaus dry food and Landgut-Menu wet food contain very little purine and are therefore ideal for feeding your Dalmatian. At the same time, you can be sure that this food contains only high-quality, natural ingredients. Our insect-based dog food contains neither cereals nor other low-grade ingredients such as vegetable and animal by-products.

Of course, Dalmatians also appreciate small rewards in the form of tasty dog treats. In order to consider their needs regarding the purine content, we recommend grain-free Bellfor Landgut-Happen with insect protein. Just like our insect-based food, these also contain only natural ingredients so are perfect as a breed-appropriate reward for your Dalmatian.

Buy a saving food set for Dalmatians in the Bellfor shop

With the right food, you can provide your Dalmatian with all the nutrients it needs and make a valuable contribution to its long and healthy life. To support you in this, we have put together a suitable food set with our low-purine insect-based products.

Order the set with dry and wet food as well as our tasty soft bites with insect protein at a special price in our shop and secure a 10% discount to use on your next purchase as a small thank you.

Our food set for Dalmatians includes:


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