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Poodle dog set by Bellfor

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Save with a healthy food set for Poodles from Bellfor

The Poodle originally comes from France. It is bred in different sizes and considered one of the most intelligent dog breeds. Maintaining a nutritious and balanced diet is crucial in supporting the health and well-being of these smart four-legged friends.

Which food is best for poodles?

Poodles are excellent family dogs, and also prove to be extremely capable sporting dogs. For optimal nutrition, it is important to consider your dog's energy requirements as well as its natural nutritional needs.

With Bellfor Freiland-Schmaus, you are making the right choice for small and medium-sized varieties of poodles. This grain-free dry food is made from only natural ingredients and does not contain any low-grade additives such as animal or vegetable by-products.

In addition, our juicy Freiland-Menu wet food will provide a welcome change in your poodle’s feeding bowl. A high meat content and no unsuitable ingredients such as cereals ensure optimal digestibility and an excellent taste.

Breed-appropriate rewards in the form of a healthy snack should of course also be a part of your pet’s diet – we recommend that you supplement your Poodle’s diet with our grain-free Freiland-Happen with chicken. Furthermore, a dietary supplement like Bellfor Skin & Coat can help to maintain your Poodle’s characteristic curly hair with additional nutrients and prevent problems with the skin or coat.

Order food for Poodles at a special price in our online shop 

By paying attention to your dog’s daily nutritional needs, you are taking a positive step to ensuring it leads a long and healthy life. To give you the best possible support, we have put together a special value food set for your Poodle.

Order the food set with Bellfor Freiland-Schmaus, Freiland-Menu and Freiland-Happen as well as our natural Bellfor Skin & Coat food supplement at a special price in our online shop. As a thank you, you will receive a 10% discount voucher to use on your next purchase.

Our food set for Poodles includes:


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