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Preventing and removing tartar in dogs

Tartar is a common problem in dogs and can occur in principle in all breeds. However, small breeds with narrow teeth or a narrow jaw often suffer from tartar. We will explain to you how tartar occurs in dogs, what consequences it can have and how it can be removed. You will also learn which preventive measures have proven successful.

How does tartar develop in dogs?

After eating, food remains stick to the dog's teeth. These mix with bacteria and saliva and form plaque. If the plaque is not removed, mineral components from the dog's saliva are deposited and form a solid layer known as tartar.

Detecting tartar in dogs

Tartar in dogs

The formation of tartar in dogs always begins at the base of the teeth. From there, the yellowish discolorations spread until the complete tooth is covered with a yellow or grey-brown layer.  Usually several teeth of the dog are attacked by tartar. In some cases, even almost the entire teeth of the animal can be affected.

Possible consequences of tartar in dogs

What may initially only be an optical problem is quickly spreading. For your dog, tartar has serious consequences in the long run.  

If tartar is not removed in dogs, it can cause the following problems:

  • Inflammation of the gums
  • Bad breath
  • Bleeding gums
  • Suppurated teeth
  • Tooth loss

Apart from that, dental problems for dogs are associated with severe pain, which often leads to a refusal to feed the affected animals!

In addition, untreated dental problems such as periodontosis and tooth decay can spread to the entire four-legged organism over time, causing heart disease and liver and kidney damage.

So tartar in dogs is not something you should take lightly. Because only a timely removal can prevent worse and ensure the dental health of the animal in the long term.

Removing tartar in dogs

Once tartar is present, it can usually no longer be removed by simply brushing the teeth, but only in the context of a professional tooth cleaning by the veterinarian.

The tartar is usually removed with ultrasound, whereby the dog is under general anesthesia for the duration of the treatment. After the ultrasound cleaning, the gum pockets are cleaned and the teeth polished. As an alternative to ultrasound, tartar can also be removed mechanically in dogs. In the case of smaller surfaces, it may even be sufficient to simply scrape off the tartar.

Preventing tartar in dogs

As you can see, the removal of tartar for your dog is associated with a lot of stress and a strenuous general anesthesia. In order to spare the four-legged friend this torture, you must pay sufficient attention to the topic prevention. Daily dental care is indispensable for a permanently healthy dog's teeth. This includes regular tooth brushing with a suitable toothbrush and special dog toothpaste. In addition, chewing snacks and toys can help to remove plaque and food residues and thus counteract the formation of tartar.

The food is also important

In order to prevent tartar in dogs, it is often recommended to change from wet food to dry food, as this is supposed to cause less plaque. However, a noticeable difference cannot be achieved.

Instead, in order to keep your dog's teeth healthy, we recommend that you only use high-quality dog food without sugar or cereals, as you will find in the Bellfor range, for example. In this way you can reduce the formation of plaque. However, even this is not a substitute for daily dental care.

Dental care with Bellfor

Shiimun Dental Powder

At Bellfor we are, of course, aware of the importance that healthy teeth have for dogs. For this reason, our range not only includes natural dog food without sugar, but also special products for dental care.

Shiimun Dental allows you to clean your dog's teeth reliably without having to resort to a toothbrush and dog toothpaste. The natural food supplement can simply be soaked in a little water and mixed with your four-legged friend's food.

Thanks to its special composition, Shiimun Dental ensures effective tooth cleaning without spending a lot of time. The ingredients of the easily digestible preparation support the health of the teeth and gums and at the same time help to counteract unpleasant bad breath in your dog.

Tartar in dogs - the most important thing at a glance

Although tartar is actually very visible in dogs, it is often ignored by dog owners and dismissed as a harmless cosmetic blemish. After reading this article at the latest, you will know that this is a big mistake. Tartar can cause serious discomfort and pain in your dog. It is therefore essential to have existing tartar removed thoroughly and to prevent it from forming again through adequate dental care.

With our Shiimun Dental Powder, a dental care product in the usual good Bellfor quality is available to you for this purpose.

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