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Dog sitters: a good decision for humans and animals?

You naturally want to spend as much time as possible with your dog. However, it can always happen that you are temporarily unable to look after the animal. Perhaps you are going to be in the hospital or you have to travel for work. In some situations, a dog sitter can be a good choice.

Why hiring a dog sitter doesn't have to be a bad thing and how you can find the right caretaker for your four-legged friend is explained below.

Dog sitting has advantages for the dog and the owner

If you need temporary support in caring for your four-legged friend, there are various options available. If all-day care is required, including overnight accommodation, one option is to have them stay at a nearby boarding kennel.

A stay there can be useful, for example, if you have to travel. However, please bear in mind that the temporary change of scenery will cause your dog considerable stress.

If, on the other hand, your four-legged friend is looked after by a dog sitter, the whole thing is usually much more relaxed. After all, the dog can get used to a certain caregiver, so the temporary separation from you is somewhat easier for him. If it is feasible, a dog sitter is, therefore, the better choice from the animal's point of view in most cases.

Of course, not only does your dog benefit from hiring a dog sitter. It also has advantages for you. After all, you know that your four-legged friend is well looked after and you don't have to have a guilty conscience while you are otherwise occupied. 

Regardless of this, you can of course make quite individual arrangements with your dog sitter. Perhaps you only need someone to walk your four-legged friend or you need all-day care until you have more time for your dog again. In both cases, a dog sitter can be a good solution for you.


The dog sitter also benefits from the care

In many cases, by the way, not only the client but also the dog sitter benefits from the care of the animal. After all, many people cannot keep a dog at home themselves because of their living situation or also because of the high costs.

If this is the case, a job as a dog sitter is a great compromise to still have regular contact with dogs. Of course, each dog sitter can decide for themselves which care services are offered in detail.

If you are thinking about taking over the care of dogs in the future, you are thus free to choose whether you would like to offer a full-day service or only dog-sitting by the hour.

How do you find the right dog sitter?

If you need a dog sitter for your four-legged friend, a search on the Internet is usually a good start. As a rule, you will find various offers in your area that you can choose from.

Apart from that, it can also be worthwhile to take a look at the advertisement section of newspapers or to visit large classified ad portals on the Internet. If this does not provide you with any suitable results, you can also actively search for a dog sitter with your own ad.

Another possibility that has emerged in recent years are special marketplaces for the placement of dog sitters. As a rule, both dog carers and interested owners can place advertisements there, so that both sides have quite good chances of success.

What is important when choosing a dog sitter?

Of course, you don't want to hand your four-legged friend over to a stranger and hope that everything will go well. Instead, you certainly attach great importance to the dog sitter taking good care of your dog and that the animal wants for nothing.

Before you decide on a particular dog sitter, you should therefore definitely talk to them personally. This is the only way to find out whether you are making the right choice or whether you should rather turn to another provider for the care of your four-legged friend.

If you need to place your dog with a dog sitter for several days soon, it is also advisable to start with hourly care. This allows your dog to get to know the foreign environment and to get used to its dog sitter. 

Commercial dog sitters need a permit

Anyone who wants to offer commercial dog-sitting must observe various legal regulations in this context. Among other things, the registration of a trade is required. Apart from that, it may be that a permit must be obtained due to the commercial animal care. The corresponding regulation can be found in the Animal Protection Act in section 11. 

If you want to work as a dog sitter, you should contact the veterinary office responsible for your place of residence in advance. They will tell you whether or not you need a permit due to the planned scope of your care service.

Our conclusion on dog sitting

As you can see, hiring a dog sitter can be beneficial for everyone involved. As an owner, you know your dog is well looked after when you don't have time. As a dog sitter, you can earn some money and also spend time with dogs. 

Even for the four-legged friend itself, using an appropriate care service does not have to be a bad thing. The only important thing is that you, as the owner, choose the dog sitter carefully and that your dog is not unsettled by constantly changing caregivers.

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