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Tips for dog training and healthy growth

Tips for dog training and healthy growth

As well as providing the best possible support for healthy growth, training and style of upbringing are important issues that every responsible dog owner should consider.

To help you out, we regularly publish detailed articles in our Dogs Guide, where we give you tips on topics such as the correct handling of your puppy and the optimal care of sporting and utility dogs.

Articles about sporting dogs

More and more owners are discovering dog sports as an ideal way to keep their four-legged friend active and occupied in a breed-appropriate way. In addition to classic disciplines such as agility and obedience, a number of new sports for dogs, such as dog diving, have been introduced in recent years.

In our guides, we present detailed accounts of popular dog sports. In addition, we explain how you can optimally support the health and performance of your sporting dog and what special features you need to consider in terms of nutrition.

Information for puppy owners

Puppy owners are in for an exciting time. Your four-legged friend will develop rapidly and learn something new every day. For healthy growth, it is important that you take care of your puppy from an early age according to its needs.

You will find all the information you need in our articles about puppies. We offer advice on what makes good puppy milk, what to do if your little companion suddenly gets diarrhoea, and much more.

Tips for upbringing and behaviour training

As a dog owner, you not only have to make sure that their stomach is full, but also that you are raising your four-legged friend in the right way. Otherwise, various problems could end up affecting your everyday life and your dog may even become a danger to its environment.

We explain how to avoid this in our articles on canine behaviour and upbringing. You will learn, for example, how to deal with anxious or aggressive pooches, and how to get your dog used to staying at home alone.

Articles about working dogs

In the past, almost all dogs were working dogs that helped their owners with certain jobs. Keeping dogs purely as household pets was the exception, and primarily reserved for the nobility and other members of the upper class.

While this changed long ago, there are still a number of working and utility dogs, which have to fulfil very diverse tasks. We explain more about how dogs still support us today and how, for example, guide dogs and therapy dogs really do live up to their reputation as man's best friend.

How long do dogs carry?

A  sexually mature female dog that has not been neutered and can therefore become the mother of puppies is called a bitch or a dam. For you as a dog owner, this is of course an exciting time, d..

10/03/2021 Views:3323

All you need to know about pet cones

There is probably no dog that doesn't need a pet cone at some point in its life. It serves as a protective device with which you can prevent your four-legged friend from licking and damaging wounds fu..

10/03/2021 Views:2271

Leaving the dog alone: training and tips against separation anxiety

Dogs do not like to be left alone. Nevertheless, this cannot be avoided in everyday life. For this reason it is important that you gradually accustom your four-legged friend to being alone. In t..

25/03/2020 Views:5937

Are Bach flowers useful for dogs?

The dog is considered man's best friend. For many owners, their four-legged friend is not just a pet, but an important member of the family. Accordingly, a lot is done to improve the well-being of t..

20/03/2020 Views:7064

Restorative preparations for old dogs

Sooner or later every dog gets old. Movements become more and more difficult, the eyes get worse and the metabolism slows down - just like with us humans, various age-related complaints increase in se..

06/03/2020 Views:6512

How to protect your dog from toxic bait

Unfortunately, it happens again and again that animal torturers deliberately use poisoned bait for dogs. If a quadruped eats one of the alleged delicacies, there is an acute danger to life. It is ..

26/02/2020 Views:5367

Dog trembles: causes and countermeasures

If your dog trembles, this can have many different reasons. In many cases the causes are completely harmless. However, it is also possible that your dog's tremor is a sign of a serious health prob..

22/01/2020 Views:27789

Getting puppies house-trained: this is how it works for your dog

It is a big mistake to think that puppies do not need any education yet and after moving into their new home they can do what they want for a few weeks. Because young dogs learn much faster than their..

20/01/2020 Views:5639

Guide dogs: training, costs and suitable breeds

It is well known that dogs with appropriate training can do much more than just give paws or lie down on command. This is especially true for guide dogs. After all, these special assistance dogs, ..

27/12/2019 Views:10611

Companion dog test: important basis for sport and utility dogs

The dog is regarded as man's best friend. But as much as most dog owners might agree on this point, the motives for buying a dog are different. While some simply wish for a reliable companion for..

27/12/2019 Views:7276

Dogscooting: on the road with the Dogscooter

Dogscooting is a form of train dog sport, where the dog handler is pulled by his four-legged friend on a scooter, the so-called Dogscooter. The dog sport is ideal for owners who like to spend their ..

27/12/2019 Views:6135

Dogdancing: dog sport for active quadrupeds and their owners

If you are looking for a dog sport that not only challenges your active four-legged friend but also makes you sweat, Dogdancing may be perfect for you. As the name suggests, this demanding sport i..

26/12/2019 Views:7031

Dog Diving: dog sport for water rats

The choice of different disciplines in dog sports is large, so that there is a suitable employment possibility for almost every quadruped. One sport that is becoming increasingly popular with dog ..

26/12/2019 Views:6804

Eventing sport (IPO) for dogs

The vast majority of all dogs today are kept as pure family dogs. In order to avoid a permanent underchallenge of these four-legged friends, it is important to provide for a species-appropriate occu..

25/12/2019 Views:6337

Tournament dog sport: Variants and conditions of participation

If you want to keep your four-legged friend physically and mentally on the go, you can choose from a range of dog sports for this purpose. One of them is the so-called tournament dog sport, where huma..

25/12/2019 Views:5851

Mantrailing: not only for rescue dogs a good occupation

Mantrailing is the search for people with the help of a dog. Mantrailing is an important part of the training of rescue dogs, but is also becoming more and more popular as a dog sport. Belo..

24/12/2019 Views:9297

Dog sports: the right activity for every four-legged friend

Dog sport enjoys ever increasing popularity. The sporting activities strengthen the bond between dog and owner and at the same time ensure that the four-legged friend is optimally utilized. ..

24/12/2019 Views:8410

Flyball: fast-paced dog sport for team players

Flyball is a particularly fast-paced dog sport, in which the play instinct and the joy of retrieving are the focus of attention. The two- and four-legged participants as well as the spectators get t..

24/12/2019 Views:6843

My dog is scared: causes and tips

If a dog is afraid, there are many different possible causes. Regardless of the exact trigger, it is ultimately your responsibility to recognise the problem and help your anxious dog overcome it. ..

18/12/2019 Views:5460

Assistance dog: more than just a faithful friend in everyday life

Assistance dogs are in many cases an indispensable help in everyday life for people with physical disabilities. They support their owners in many different ways and also often serve as an important ..

17/12/2019 Views:8109

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