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Dogs Guide

Dog has blood in stool: possible causes

Digestive problems such as constipation and diarrhea are common in dogs. In most cases, the cause of the symptoms can be determined quickly and treated well. But at the latest when a dog has blood in its stool, many owners panic. Fortunately, bloody faeces does not necessarily indicate a serious illness. Nevertheless, you should be attentive and get to the bottom of the cause promptly. Where the blood in your dog's stool can come from and what you should do in this case is explained below...

30/07/2019 Views: 296511

Giardia in dogs: causes, symptoms and treatment

Giardia is a common problem in dogs According to a study, almost 20 percent of all four-legged friends in the United Kingdom are infected with them. Once a dog suffers from Giardia, it has difficulty getting rid of the unicellular parasites of the small intestine. Without the consistent implementation of suitable measures for treatment, the infection can cause a nutrient deficiency and inflammation in the long term and pose a serious health risk, especially for puppies and older animals. ..

17/10/2017 Views: 288345

Dog coughs and chokes: this could be the reason

If your dog coughs and chokes, there may be several reasons. Often the cause is completely harmless. However, there may also be a serious reason behind the coughing and choking. If the symptoms occur regularly, you should therefore plan a visit to the vet with your dog to be on the safe side. This article will tell you why your dog coughs and chokes and what you can do about it. Different forms of coughing in dogs Your dog's cough can be dry or wet. A dry cough is often associated with se..

06/12/2018 Views: 241339

Anal glands in dogs: treating and preventing complaints

The anal glands are on the left and right of the anus in dogs. They produce a secretion, which serves the four-legged friend to set scent marks. With healthy dogs this is delivered with the droppings.However, it can happen that the anal glands in the dog, or the anal bags in which the secretion collects, clog. As a result, they can no longer empty themselves and can even become inflamed. What causes blocked anal bags in dogs and what you should do about it, you will learn in the following.Causes..

01/02/2019 Views: 149669

Painkillers for dogs

Just like humans, dogs can also suffer from pain. They can be acute or chronic and can have a variety of causes, from illness to injury.We will explain to you how to recognise pain in your four-legged friend, which painkillers are suitable for dogs and which side effects you must expect with these. You will also learn why it is taboo to reach into your own medicine chest.Recognising pain in dogsPain is often not easily recognizable in dogs. Because it is in their nature to hide them in order not..

22/07/2019 Views: 145299

Why does the dog lick the anus?

It can occur again and again that a dog licks itself at the anus. If this happens remarkably frequently with your four-legged friend, you should not take his behavior to the light shoulder. Excessive licking of the anus is a sign of discomfort, which may even require a visit to the vet. In the following we will explain why your dog probably licks his anus and what you can do about it. An anal gland inflammation as a cause of anal licking in the dog The anal glands produce a secretion, that se..

26/07/2019 Views: 142386

Barf for dogs for beginners: mistakes, risks, and tips

Proponents of raw food are convinced that this method of feeding is the only appropriate way to feed your dog, and that processed dog food, no matter its form, will harm your four-legged friend. In this article, we examine this hypothesis thoroughly and address the possible problems that can be caused by raw feeding. In addition, you will learn what to watch out for if you wish to feed your dog according to the principles of the BARF movement. What is BARF for dogs?..

24/01/2018 Views: 121342

Laryngeal inflammation in dogs: causes and treatment

The technical term for laryngitis is laryngeal inflammation. A laryngitis in dogs can be both acute and chronic. In many cases it does not occur alone, but in combination with other complaints. In this article, you will learn what causes laryngitis in your dog can be, what symptoms to look out for and how to treat it. We will also explain what you can do to prevent it. Laryngeal inflammation in dogs: possible causes Your dog's laryngitis can be caused by several ..

07/12/2018 Views: 83235

Pyoderma in dogs: causes, symptoms and treatment

Skin problems, such as pyoderma, are common in dogs. They can have very different causes and manifest themselves through different symptoms.We will explain to you how you can recognise pyoderma in your dog and what the cause of the skin disease can be. You will also learn what is necessary for the treatment and whether there are any possibilities for prevention.What is pyoderma?Pyoderma is a skin infection caused by bacteria, which manifests itself among other things in the form of pustules and ..

20/06/2019 Views: 77862

Detecting and treating mite infestations in dogs

Unfortunately, mite infestation is a common problem in dogs, which many owners are confronted with. Mites are arachnids and feed mainly on the dead skin cells of their host animals. If a dog suffers from an infestation with the annoying parasites, this is particularly evident in the form of skin and coat problems. We will explain below how you can recognise and treat a mite infestation in your dog. Types of mites that occur in dogs There are different types of mites. If your dog..

29/05/2019 Views: 63056

Ear infection in dogs - what helps?

Unfortunately, ear infections are not uncommon in dogs. The disease is usually associated with great pain for the animal and should therefore be taken seriously. In this article we will discuss the various causes of ear infections in dogs and explain what symptoms can occur. You will also learn everything you need to know about diagnosis and treatment. These symptoms indicate an ear infection Basically, it's hardly possible that you won't notice an ear infection in your dog. Thi..

11/01/2018 Views: 62671

Arthrosis in dogs: causes, symptoms and treatment

Many people know from their own experience how much arthrosis can reduce the quality of life. Of course, this also applies to dogs, which can suffer from osteoarthritis in the same way as humans.Arthrosis is widespread in dogs. In principle, it can affect any four-legged friend. With some dog breeds, however, the risk is particularly high.What happens in the case of arthrosis in the joints of the dog, what triggers it and what symptoms can occur, you will learn in the following. In this article ..

18/10/2017 Views: 55732

Gastric torsion in dogs: causes and preventive measures

The topic of gastric torsion should give any dog owner pause for thought, because it is far from a trivial condition: it can be a life-threatening situation for your pet. In this article, you will learn how to recognize gastric torsion – a bloated, twisted stomach – in your dog, and how to behave in response in order to save its life. In addition, we will explain how you can take preventive measures so that this urgent situation never arises. What is gastric torsion..

12/01/2018 Views: 55465

Watery eyes in dogs: causes and care tips

Eye problems are a common problem in dogs. They can have different causes and manifest themselves in very different ways.In this article you can find out what causes itchy or watery eyes in dogs and which breeds are particularly susceptible to them. We will also give you tips on how to care for your dog's eyes.These dogs are particularly prone to eye problems.Even if it can come in principle with all dogs to complaints, like for example watering eyes, some races are particularly susceptible to i..

18/06/2019 Views: 54378

IBD in dogs: causes and possibilities of treatment

The abbreviation IBD stands for Inflammatory Bowel Disease. It is a chronic intestinal inflammation. If your dog suffers from IBD, this can be felt in the form of digestive problems, abdominal pain and cramps. IBD occurs mainly in middle-aged dogs, but can also occur in younger dogs. Unfortunately, it cannot be healed completely. With the help of the correct nutrition the complaints of IBD can be gotten with dogs however well under control. We will explain below how you can do this. What is ..

11/12/2018 Views: 52855

Detecting heartburn in dogs and treating it naturally

Just like humans, dogs can also suffer from heartburn. The associated complaints are extremely unpleasant for our four-legged friends and should therefore not go unnoticed. In the following we explain to you, which causes heartburn can have with the dog and with which symptoms it makes itself noticeable. You will also find out which treatment and prevention measures are sensible. How does heartburn develop in dogs? Normally the food reaches the stomach via the esophagus, where the..

28/10/2019 Views: 51806

Prednisolone for dogs

Prednisolone is a synthetically produced glucocorticoid that has an immunosuppressive, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effect in addition to an immunosuppressive effect.Prednisolone is not only used in human medicine, but also in veterinary medicine and is prescribed to dogs with a wide variety of complaints.Areas of application of Prednisolone in dogsDue to its effect, the treatment of dogs with the glucocorticoid prednisolone is suitable for a number of different diseases.Because of its an..

18/07/2019 Views: 50742

Detecting and treating skin fungus in dogs

Skin fungus is triggered in dogs by so-called dermatophytes. These are fungal spores that attack the surface of the skin and hair of the four-legged friend. If your dog suffers from skin fungus, different types of dermatophytes are possible. These include Trichophyton gypseum, Microsporum canis and Trichophyton mentagrophytes. In the following, you will learn how an infection with a skin fungus occurs, how you can recognize the fungal infestation in your dog and how it can be treated. H..

04/06/2019 Views: 48990

Apoquel for dogs with allergic itching

Apoquel is a veterinary drug containing the active ingredient oclacitinib and is available in different strengths for dogs of different weights. The drug is used in the treatment of dogs suffering from severe itching due to allergies.Allergies are common in dogsAllergies are widespread in dogs and manifest themselves in affected animals mainly through massive skin problems. The associated itching leads to the fact that the allergic four-legged friends constantly scratch and bite.This leads to ba..

29/08/2019 Views: 48793

Canine allergies: recognising and treating the symptoms

Just like us humans, dogs also frequently suffer from allergies. These can be triggered by quite different causes, causing highly unpleasant conditions for your furry friend!In this article, we explain which allergies are particularly common in dogs, the symptoms by which they make themselves visible, and how they can be treated.What is an allergy?An allergy is an excessive reaction on the part of the body. The organism treats a substance, which is actually completely harmless, and with which it..

28/01/2018 Views: 48555