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Dogs Guide

How long do dogs carry?

A  sexually mature female dog that has not been neutered and can therefore become the mother of puppies is called a bitch or a dam. For you as a dog owner, this is of course an exciting time, during which you have to consider a few things. In the following, we explain how long dogs carry and how you can support your four-legged friend in this. How long is the dog's pregnancy? The gestation period is on average 58 to 68 days. How long dogs carry exactly depends, among other things, ..

10/03/2021 Views: 5171

Why does my dog keep licking its paws?

It is not uncommon and nothing to worry about if a dog occasionally licks its paws. However, if this behaviour occurs frequently, you must not ignore it for two reasons: licking the paws can indicate an underlying health problem, and it can lead to additional damage to the paws of the four-legged friend. Below you will find out possible causes of your dog constantly licking its paws and what you can do about it. ..

14/05/2021 Views: 3944

All you need to know about pet cones

There is probably no dog that doesn't need a pet cone at some point in its life. It serves as a protective device with which you can prevent your four-legged friend from licking and damaging wounds further.Of course, your dog will be anything but enthusiastic when you put a pet cone on it. Below we will explain why there is sometimes no other way and what types of pet cones there are available for dogs.What is a pet cone?A pet cone, also referred to as Elizabethan collar or cone of shame, is a l..

10/03/2021 Views: 3942

Wormers For Dogs: Tips For Parasite Control

The infestation of dogs with worms can never be completely avoided. The use of suitable worming agents for dogs is therefore part of the routine care of the four-legged friend for most dog owners.Below we will explain how such medication works and what else you need to know about worming your dog.Worms are very bothersome for your dogThere are different types of worms that can affect your dog. Most of them are intestinal parasites, but some species settle down in other organs, such as the lungs...

10/03/2021 Views: 3471

Why does my dog snore?

It is not uncommon for a dog to snore. In most cases, the cause is harmless. Sometimes, however, snoring in dogs can indicate health problems. Find out why dogs snore and when to worry about it below. Some dog breeds snore particularly often Put simply, if your dog snores, it is because the air cannot pass freely through the airways of the four-legged friend. This is particularly common with certain dog breeds due to their anatomical features. Mostly these are short-headed dog breeds, wh..

14/05/2021 Views: 3229

Dog stinks: causes and tips against the bad smell

As many dog owners know from experience, it is not uncommon for dogs to smell. Unpleasant odours can have many causes and in some cases also indicate health problems. Find out below what causes your dog to smell and what you can do about it. What part does your dog smell? In order to be able to do something about the bad smell, you need to find out where it actually comes from. The bad odour cannot only originate from the fur of the four-legged friend, but also from the dog's mouth, ears an..

17/05/2021 Views: 3177

Detect, treat, and prevent leptospirosis in dogs

Leptospirosis is an infectious bacterial disease. It is caused by leptospira and can be potentially fatal to dogs. In addition, the disease is a zoonosis, which means that it can spread from animals to humans. Below we will explain how dogs become infected with leptospirosis and what symptoms the disease causes. You will also find out everything you need to know about treatment and prevention. How leptospirosis develops in dogs Leptospira prefer a humid and warm ..

17/05/2021 Views: 3116

Dog Lungworms: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Lungworms have been widespread in cats for a long time. In recent years, however, the annoying parasites have also become an increasing problem in dogs. In view of the serious consequences that an infestation with lungworms can have for dogs, owners should by no means underestimate the risks associated with them and counter a possible infection as soon as possible.Find out below how dogs get lungworms, what symptoms they cause, and how they can be treated.What are lungworms?Lungworms are parasit..

17/05/2021 Views: 2963

Protective collars for dogs: examples of usage and types

Pet cones or Elizabethan collars may be necessary for dogs after an operation or in the event of an injury. They prevent your four-legged friend from licking the wound and thereby damaging it further. Find out below which different types of pet cones there are available for dogs. When do dogs need pet cones? You know for sure from your own experience how uncomfortable severe itching can be and how difficult it i..

10/03/2021 Views: 2933

Cat and dog: can they coexist?

Cats and dogs have little in common. Their preferences and behaviour often show clear differences, which can make peaceful coexistence difficult. Nevertheless, it is possible for dogs and cats to get used to each other and you can help both four-legged friends to get on well. Below you will find out what to consider and what is important when the animals meet for the first time. Dogs and..

17/05/2021 Views: 2886

How to train your dog to fetch

When it comes to playing and engaging with dogs, playing fetch is probably what most people will think of. You will find out below why fetching is in the blood of many dogs and how you can teach your four-legged friend to return objects. Why dogs like to fetch Humans recognised early on that dogs can be of great help when hunting. One activity that certain hunting dogs were specifically bred for was retrieving. The task of the dog was to bring g..

17/05/2021 Views: 2690

Body language in dogs: what the four-legged friend would like to tell you

Some dogs tend to be silent, while others bark loudly at every opportunity. Nevertheless, body language is particularly important for communication, even for noisy dogs. It is therefore important for dog owners to be able to correctly interpret the body language of their four-legged friend in order to avoid misunderstandings when dealing with the animal. The tips in this article will help you do this. Dogs communicate with their whole body Dogs use, among other things, their tai..

17/05/2021 Views: 2413

How to discourage a dog from continuous barking

Barking is the natural way of vocalisation in dogs. It is therefore quite normal for your four-legged friend to make itself heard in this way. However, if dogs bark constantly, this can be a nuisance and sometimes causes problems with annoyed neighbours. Find out below why dogs bark and how you can stop your four-legged friend from doing so continuously. Why dogs bark You should be aware that in principle dogs don't just bark for the sake of it. You..

14/05/2021 Views: 2395

Feeding plan for sports dogs (endurance sports)

Whether Canicross, sled dog races or other activities. In dog sports, dog and owner alike have fun. By regular training the necessary basis for the races is laid and worked on the common success. But there is one thing you should not forget. The nutrition of your sporty active fur noses is at least as important as the training. Because without the right food in the necessary quantity, performance suffers. In addition, the risk of injuries and health problems increase..

20/11/2017 Views: 1994