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Dogs Guide

Weakened immune systems in dogs: causes and what can really help

Just like in humans, a functional immune system plays a decisive role in ensuring the health of your dog. If the immune system is weakened, diseases result. In this article, we will explain what can cause weaknesses of the immune system, while you will also learn how you can strengthen your furry friend’s immune system naturally. What can weaken the immune system? The purpose of the immune system is to protect the body against pathogens. It is able to..

07/12/2017 Views: 48069

Medium sized dog breeds

The FCI divides dog breeds into 10 different groups. For laymen, however, the size of the dog is more likely to play a role in the purchase of a dog. For this reason, dogs are often distinguished between small, large and medium-sized breeds on the basis of shoulder height.Among the medium-sized dog breeds are those whose shoulder height ranges from 40 to 59 centimetres. Weight and appearance can vary greatly. For example, the Beagle with a weight of nine kilos or more is a medium-sized dog, as i..

19/08/2019 Views: 47982

Hydrolysed dog food and possible alternatives for allergic dogs

Incompatibilities and feed allergies are widespread in dogs. They lead to skin problems and digestive problems and should not be taken lightly by dog owners. Many manufacturers offer so-called hydrolyzed dog food for dogs with food allergies. This article will tell you exactly what this is, why it is not always a good choice and what we recommend instead. Causes of feed allergy in dogs The only way to get rid of the symptoms of an allergy is to consistently avoid contact with the respective..

11/06/2019 Views: 45302

Dog eats stones: possible causes and tips

In view of the strange eating habits of some four-legged friends, it is obvious to call dogs omnivores. After all, it is not uncommon for a dog to eat stones, for example, or to have a big appetite for other inedible things. Nevertheless, dogs are so-called semi-carnivores, whose food should consist mainly of animal fats and proteins. Regardless, it is neither normal nor harmless for your dog to eat stones. As the owner, you should therefore take this unusual behaviour seriously and stop..

10/03/2020 Views: 43418

Dog breeds

The number of different dog breeds is large. The FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) currently recognizes almost 350 different breeds worldwide. Estimates that include breeds that are not recognized by the FCI even assume 800 and in some cases considerably more dog breeds. Dog breeds according to FCI The FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) is the largest association dealing with cynology. Cynology is the science of breeding, care, education, behaviour, diseases and breeds o..

04/10/2018 Views: 42741

Taurine in dog food: why it is so important

Why does Bellfor dog food contain taurine? We continually hear this question from highly engaged dog owners. After all, we are proud of the fact that our food is made exclusively from natural ingredients. At least at first glance, taurine additives therefore seem at odds with our philosophy, and customers sometimes even doubt whether it is healthy for their furry friends. Even though we absolutely understand their skepticism, there is, however, a good reason why..

09/02/2018 Views: 42473

Reducing hair loss in dogs: this is how it works

Each dog loses a certain amount of hair every day, depending on their breed. This is normal and no cause for concern. Usually new hair grows every day as a replacement. However, it can also be that the hair loss goes beyond the normal level, the coat becomes thinner and even blemishes over time. If this is the case, you should search for causes and take appropriate countermeasures. This article will tell you what excessive hair loss in dogs can be and what you can do about it. ..

19/10/2017 Views: 42120

Tonsillitis in the dog

Like humans, dogs also have two tonsils which are located in the right and left throat. As part of the lymphatic system, they play an important role in the defence against diseases. Due to their anatomical position, they are often involved when pathogens enter the animal's body.Especially in the cold season, your dog's tonsils can become inflamed. A distinction is made between primary tonsillitis and secondary tonsillitis, in which the inflammation occurs in conjunction with other diseases such ..

06/12/2018 Views: 42093

Low purine dog food - when does it make sense

There are several reasons why a dog should be fed purine poor. But what exactly are purines, what do they contain and when should you take a purine-poor dog food? We will answer these questions below. What is purine? Purine is an organic compound that is important for building new cells and genetic material in both humans and dogs. Purines are found in many foods. Their proportion is very high, especially in offal. In addition, however, many types of meat, such as beef, and legumes also conta..

29/03/2019 Views: 41947

Dog trembles: causes and countermeasures

If your dog trembles, this can have many different reasons. In many cases the causes are completely harmless. However, it is also possible that your dog's tremor is a sign of a serious health problem and that your pet needs urgent medical attention. It is therefore important that you know how to recognise whether your dog is trembling for a harmless reason or whether the tremor is a cause for concern after all. We will explain how you can do this in the following. Harmless reasons ..

22/01/2020 Views: 38801

Detecting, treating and preventing harvest mites on dogs

Harvest mites are particularly common in dogs and can be a real plague during the warm months of the year. Among other things, they cause severe itching and, in the worst case, can even lead to skin inflammation. In the following we will explain how you can recognise harvest mites in your dog, what you can do against an infestation with the annoying parasites and what possibilities there are for prevention. What are harvest mites? Harvest mites (Neotrombicula autu..

31/05/2019 Views: 38737

Preventing and removing tartar in dogs

Tartar is a common problem in dogs and can occur in principle in all breeds. However, small breeds with narrow teeth or a narrow jaw often suffer from tartar. We will explain to you how tartar occurs in dogs, what consequences it can have and how it can be removed. You will also learn which preventive measures have proven successful.How does tartar develop in dogs?After eating, food remains stick to the dog's teeth. These mix with bacteria and saliva and form plaque. If the plaque is not removed..

09/07/2019 Views: 36650

Cold-pressed or extruded: which dry food is better?

When buying dry food for your dog you inevitably encounter the terms cold-pressed and extruded. Both say nothing about the composition of the food. Instead, they denote two different manufacturing processes. In this article we show you the differences between the two variants. In addition, you will learn the advantages and disadvantages and learn why it is only on the basis of the manufacturing process that makes it impossible to draw conclusions about the quality of the dog foo..

16/10/2017 Views: 34168

Detect and treat Clostridia in dogs

Clostridia are a very common cause of digestive problems in dogs. It is estimated that more than 20 percent of all diarrheal diseases can be attributed to an infection with Clostridium. To find out exactly what Clostridium is, how it can infect your dog and what symptoms it causes, read on. We will also explain how you can support the veterinary treatment of Clostridia in your dog in a natural way. What are Clostridia? Clostridia is a genus of highly resistant bacteria that inc..

18/12/2019 Views: 33220

Pneumonia in dogs: symptoms and treatment

If your dog suffers from lung inflammation, the tissue of his lung is inflamed. The technical term for this disease is pneumonia. Pathogens such as bacteria, fungi or viruses are often responsible for pneumonia in dogs.Even if an inflammation of the lung can normally be treated well, you should not take a possible disease lightly. If not treated, pneumonia can be life-threatening for your dog.This article explains the symptoms you need to watch out for, how pneumonia is treated and what you can ..

07/12/2018 Views: 33163

Scabies at the dog

The dog's mange is a skin disease caused by certain types of mites, which is not only extremely contagious, but can even be fatal if left untreated.We will explain to you how your dog can become infected with mange, what symptoms to watch out for and what is necessary for successful treatment.What is mange?Mange is a parasitic skin disease caused in dogs by infestation with certain mite species. It is very contagious and causes severe itching and papules (small nodules) on the skin in affected a..

23/07/2019 Views: 33150

Kennel cough in dogs: causes, prevention and treatment

Kennel cough is the colloquial term for an infectious tracheobronchitis. It is a disease of the upper respiratory tract of dogs that is primarily characterized by dry cough, but can also cause other symptoms depending on the severity of the course. Due to its transmission routes, kennel cough is most common where several dogs have close contact with each other, as is the case in a kennel, for example. What symptoms kennel cough can cause in dogs, how it should be treated and what prevention..

11/12/2018 Views: 32692

Diarrhoea in dogs: causes and treatment options

It can happen again and again that a dog suffers from diarrhoea. If this happens only occasionally, it is normally not a major cause for concern. However, diarrhoea in dogs can also have serious causes. This is especially true if he appears regularly or if your dog has to vomit at the same time.  Regardless of this, you should always take your dog's diarrhoea seriously and also do something about supposedly harmless symptoms. After all, digestive problems are not only unpleasant for your..

15/10/2019 Views: 31805

Epilepsy in dogs: Forms, symptoms and treatment

Like humans, dogs can develop epilepsy and suffer from the typical seizures associated with the disease. If there are frequent seizures, epilepsy is often a major burden for dogs and their owners. Depending on how severe the seizures are and how frequently they occur, the necessary treatment may vary. In the following, we will explain the causes of epilepsy in dogs, the symptoms of a disease and the treatment options available. What is epilepsy in dogs? Epilepsy is a chr..

18/01/2019 Views: 31439

Worms in dogs? Recognition and prevention

Worm infestation is an annoying topic for many dog owners. There are different species that can occur in dogs. In Germany, hookworms, dog tapeworms, fox tapeworms and roundworms are the most common. Although they are not directly life-threatening, they extract important nutrients from the body of the four-legged friend. This leads to an undersupply in the long run, which can be especially dangerous for puppies and older dogs. For this reason, it is important that you take immediat..

17/10/2017 Views: 31278