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Dogs Guide

Dog drinks a lot: common causes and important tips for owners

If a dog drinks a lot, there are several possible causes. This is not always a cause for concern. In many cases, the excessive thirst has completely harmless reasons.  However, it is also possible that your dog drinks a lot due to serious health problems and that your pet should be examined by a vet. In the following, we will explain which causes are particularly often responsible for increased thirst in dogs and from when on you should start to worry about the health of y..

18/02/2020 Views: 11803


The Welsh Corgi Pembroke, as the Corgi is completely called, is a small breed of dog from Great Britain. The FCI leads the Corgi in group 1, because it was originally a herding dog (despite its short legs). Characteristics of the Corgi The life expectancy of Corgis is usually between 12 and 14 years. With appropriate care and nutrition, however, an age of up to 16 years is also possible. The Welsh Corgi grows between 25 and 30 centimetres. The weight is 9 to 11 kilos for female Corgis a..

27/12/2018 Views: 11723

Maltese dog

The Maltese is a small breed of dog which has its origin in the Mediterranean area. The FCI guides the Maltese dog in group 9. Characteristics of the Maltese Dog The life expectancy of the Maltese is about 12 to 16 years, so the breed can become relatively old for a dog. With a height at withers of 20 to 23 centimetres in females and 21 to 25 centimetres in males, the Maltese is quite small. He has a slim body and should weigh between three and four kilograms. The head of the Maltese is quite..

28/12/2018 Views: 11671


Sighthounds are different breeds, which are characterized by their slim physique and an extremely low body fat percentage.  The sighthounds originally used for hunting are excellent sprinters. Thanks to their loving nature, they are also excellent as family dogs. History of the greyhounds Sighthounds are among the oldest dog breeds in the world. They were already known several thousand years ago in Egypt, as drawings of them prove. In the Middle ..

03/06/2019 Views: 11657

Detect, treat and prevent spondylosis in dogs

If a dog suffers from spondylosis, degenerative changes in its spine occur. The disease leads to ossification of the spaces between the vertebrae as well as to a progressive degradation of the elastic components of the spine. In the following we will explain the causes of spondylosis in dogs, how the disease manifests itself and what treatment options are available. You will also learn how you can reduce the risk of spondylosis in your dog. What causes spondylosis in dogs? The task of the..

25/03/2020 Views: 11633

Premium dry food for dogs: Landgut and Naturgut feast (Farm and Natural Feast)

The question of whether wet or dry food is the better choice occupies many dog owners. Both variants have their advantages and disadvantages.For example, wet food is particularly tasty and is also very suitable if you have to give your dog medication. Especially older animals often cope better with the soft food.At the same time, however, feeding your dog with wet food is considerably more expensive, as you will need larger quantities due to the high water content.Dry food can therefore be a che..

17/10/2017 Views: 11527

Cruciate ligament rupture in dogs: causes, symptoms and treatment

Torn cruciate ligaments are among the injuries that occur very frequently in dogs. Especially the anterior cruciate ligament is considered to be particularly susceptible. In the following, we will explain the causes of a torn cruciate ligament in dogs, how it becomes noticeable and which measures are necessary for treatment. What is the cruciate ligament? Just like in humans, the knee joints in dogs are so-called hinge ..

23/03/2020 Views: 11476

Why dogs eat excrements

Many dog owners probably know it from their own experience. Your own dog suddenly eats excrement with great enthusiasm. The technical term for this behavior is coprophagy. In this article we explain why dogs eat excrement and why it is not only disgusting but also dangerous. You'll also learn what you can do about eating your dog's excrement. Possible causes of dog faeces eating in dogs Despite all the enthusiasm, which some quadrupeds show, eating excrement is not a normal behaviour and also..

26/07/2019 Views: 11422

Jack Russell Terrier

The Jack Russell Terrier is a small breed of dog, originally from Great Britain. The Jack Russell Terrier was bred for hunting foxes. The FCI leads him in group 3.Characteristics of the Jack Russell TerrierWith a little luck, owners of a Jack Russell Terrier can enjoy a life expectancy of up to 16 years. The animals weigh between five and six kilograms. The height at the withers ranges from 25 to 30 centimetres.The figure of the Jack Russell Terrier can be described as wiry. It has a straight ba..

03/12/2018 Views: 11397

Belgian Shepherd

The Belgian Shepherd is a large breed of dog which has been bred in Belgium in four different varieties since the 19th century. The FCI manages the Chien de Berger Belge in group 1. Originally, the Belgian Shepherd Dog was used as a working dog, especially by shepherds for herding their herds.Characteristics of the Belgian Shepherd DogThe life expectancy of the Belgian Shepherd is between 10 and 14 years. According to breed standards, bitches should reach a height at withers of 58 cm and males s..

18/12/2018 Views: 11282

Cocker Spaniel: dog food and breed portrait

The English Cocker Spaniel is a medium sized dog breed from Great Britain. It was originally bred for bird hunting and is listed by the FCI as a search dog in group 8, section 2. The Cocker Spaniel is still used as a hunting dog. However, he has also developed into a very popular family dog.  History of the Cocker Spaniel The English Cocker Spaniel is originally descended from Spanish bird dogs and is one of the oldest dog breeds at all. The British Kennel ..

02/01/2020 Views: 11270

Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu is a small dog breed, which has its origin in Tibet, where it was already bred more than 1,000 years ago by monks. The FCI classifies the Shih Tzu in group 9. Today the Shih Tzu is a popular social and family dog, for which apart from his small size also his friendly nature might be responsible.Characteristics of the Shih TzuThe life expectancy of the Shih Tzu is usually between 10 and 16 years. The animals reach a maximum size of 27 centimeters and a weight of 4.5 to 8 kilograms.Sh..

06/11/2018 Views: 11221

Coronavirus in dogs: owners need to know

Corona viruses are widely spread in dogs. If a quadruped gets infected with it, it is the Canine Coronavirus (CCV). The risk of infection is particularly high where several dogs are kept in a small space. In the following we will explain how your dog gets infected with the Canine Coronavirus and what consequences this has for him. You will also learn how you can protect your four-legged friend in a natural way. What are coronaviruses? Coronaviruses are a family of certain viruse..

20/03/2020 Views: 11204

Insect protein? But my dog needs real meat

We want to support our customers as best as possible in the welfare of their dogs. For this reason, we generally refrain from any form of cereals in dog food, and instead attach great importance to a high meat content. Our latest varieties, country estate and natural food feast, basically meet these requirements. However, there is one crucial difference: They contain no meat! Instead, we chose insect protein as the source of protein. Of course, we made this decision consciously on the bas..

19/10/2017 Views: 11182

Coconut oil against ticks in dogs

Ticks represent a considerable health risk for dogs in the warm months of the year. Effective protection against these annoying parasites is therefore essential. Unfortunately, conventional tick repellents for dogs often contain harmful active ingredients, which is why natural alternatives such as coconut oil against ticks are increasingly in demand. What is behind coconut oil as an agent against ticks in dogs and how you can protect your four-legged friend in a natural way against the litt..

14/05/2020 Views: 11175

Ovopet for sporty and active dogs

Bellfor Joints & Bones is ideal for sporty dogs to support and maintain their mobility Bellfor Joints & Bones has been specially developed to regulate the metabolism of the joints and to maintain the flexibility and health of hardworking dogs. The joints of dogs who take part in agility or canicross events, as well as those of service or hunting dogs, experience particularly heavy strain. How does Ovopet work in Bellfor Joints & Bones? Bellfor Joints & Bones contains typ..

24/10/2017 Views: 11162


The Samoyed, partly also called Samoiedskaia Sabaka, is a medium-sized dog breed, which has its origin in Northern Siberia. From there the Samoyed was imported to England, where it was bred at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century. The FCI leads the Samoyed in group 5.Characteristics of the SamoyedThe life expectancy of Samoyed is around 13 years. Male specimens reach a height of about 57 centimetres, while females are slightly smaller at about 53 centimetres. The breed standard ..

08/07/2019 Views: 11086

Afghan Hound (Afghan): dog food and breed portrait

The Afghan Hound is a British breed of dog whose origins are in Afghanistan. The FCI lists the Afghans in Group 10, Section 1 (long-haired or feathered greyhounds). Afghan greyhounds are considered stubborn and have a strong hunting instinct. The breed is therefore especially suitable for experienced dog owners. Origin of the Afghan The Afghani Greyhound is originally from Afghanistan. There he was already used several thousand years ago for hunting mountain goats. Because of their inestima..

09/10/2019 Views: 11047

Rescue dogs: training, main areas of application and nutrition

The dog is man's best friend and can even prove to be a real lifesaver in certain situations. After all, rescue dogs are often an indispensable part of rescue teams that search for missing persons in the mountains, in the forest or even under rubble. What the tasks of a rescue dog consist of, which breeds are particularly suitable for it and how the training as a search dog proceeds, you will learn in the following. We will also explain to you what is important when feeding rescue dog..

18/11/2019 Views: 11039

Addison's disease in dogs

Addison's disease is a potentially life-threatening disease that can also affect dogs. If the disease is recognised and treated in good time, however, a largely normal life is normally possible for affected four-legged friends.In the following, you will learn what causes Addison's disease in dogs and which symptoms can indicate that they are ill. In addition, we explain which treatment options are available for your four-legged friend.Development of Addison's disease in dogsAddison's disease is ..

25/03/2020 Views: 10922