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Extruded dog food

Our Bellfor Country Feast range includes five extruded, grain-free products:

In the extrusion process, all selected and blended ingredients are pressed with high pressure through very fine nozzles into the shape of croquettes. During this process, the high pressure causes temperatures to rise to around 125 degrees Celsius for a very short moment. This process causes carbohydrates to swell and can then be easily digested.

Even though the cold pressing of dry food is currently experiencing a comeback, the “extrusion process” is the modern method in the processing of dry food, regarding the lower temperatures during the process.

As a result, enjoyment and compatibility are the key factors for selecting the right Bellfor dog food. A fundamental qualitative assessment based on the production process cannot be determined due to different physiological characteristics of our furry pets during the digestion of the dog's food.