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Eye care saver set for large dogs with food allergies by Bellfor Dog Food

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Eye care saver set for large dogs with food allergies

It is not uncommon for dogs to suffer from food allergies or food intolerances. The unpleasant symptoms that they cause can be eliminated by consistently switching to hypoallergenic dog food.

We have put together a food set with suitable products for large dog breeds, which you can order for your nutrition-sensitive four-legged friend at a discounted price.

Cold pressed dry food for allergic dogs

If your dog suffers from a food allergy, it is usually the animal protein source in their food that cause the reaction. If you want to get the allergy under control and prevent allergic reactions, switching to a hypoallergenic food with a more compatible protein source is therefore unavoidable.

For this purpose, we recommend our hypoallergenic Naturgut-Schmaus dog food for large dogs, which contains insect protein from the larvae of black soldier flies (Hermetia illucens). This high-quality protein source has practically no allergy potential, is very easy to digest and also scores with a high biological value.

Furthermore, Bellfor Naturgut-Schmaus is cold-pressed dry food. Thanks to the cold pressing process, the kibble swell less in the stomach, which reduces the risk of stomach torsion, which is known to be higher in large dogs.

Gentle care for watery dog eyes

In addition to digestive problems, food allergies often cause dogs to have watery eyes. If this is the case, regular care of your dog's eyes is particularly important.

Bellfor Eye Care Drops are ideal for this purpose. High-quality ingredients, such as chamomile extract and aloe vera, allow you to gently care for the irritated and watery eyes of your four-legged friend.

Support your dog's kidneys naturally

The kidneys of allergic dogs are under particular stress due to the constant exposure to allergens from the food. In order to avoid the overburdening of this vital filter organ, it makes sense to offer a nutritional supplement such as Bellfor Kidney Strength Powder.

This high-quality herbal mixture with carefully selected ingredients, such as goldenrod or field horsetail, supports the kidneys in a natural way.

Our food set for large nutrition-sensitive dogs with watery eyes at a glance:


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