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First aid with the dog - so you can help your four-legged friend

First aid with the dog - so you can help your four-legged friend

Dogs are not machines. When romping and playing, something can happen over and over again that you do not even think about as a dog owner. And diseases like the dreaded stomach twist can put you and your dog in dangerous situations. By the time you are at the vet or on-site, precious time passes - the time when first aid can help your dog not only relieve the situation, but even save his life. With a course "First aid for the dog" you defuse dangerous situations.

This does not happen to my dog!

This has already thought many dog ​​owners and were wrong. One of the most common situations in which your dog can be injured is the encounter with his peers. From the "he just wants to play" is fast, a bitter power struggle in which no one wants to give. Deep bites are often the result. If you are able to supply the bite wounds well, to create a pressure bandage for bleeding and to cover the wound sterile, you have taken a lot of work from the vet and possibly even prevented secondary diseases.

And poisoning is not uncommon. More and more you read about designed poison baits. Unfortunately dogs keep killing them - also because masters and mistresses could not take first aid measures and were helpless.

Keep calm!

If such an emergency occurs, you are just as stressed as your dog. But this usually worsens the condition even more. If you know how to behave and what you can do, it will give you more peace of mind and peace of mind, which also translates to the dog.

If every move is made and you have practiced the healthy dog ​​before, your dog knows that he does not need to panic when measuring fever or heart rate, and you may also have a small pharmacy at home, stay calm.

An insurance can save veterinarian costs

In most cases you will not be able to avoid the vet visit after first aid. The cost of the veterinarian can be very horrendous depending on the injury or illness. You should already consider that when you buy the animal.

For emergencies, you must also apply for dog health insurance or at least a surgery insurance for animals. With animal insurance, you know you do not have to bear the costs alone. One provider who offers both solutions is for example Petplan.

What a first aid course for dogs and owners is good for

In a first aid course for dogs, you will learn the handles that you need in case of injury or illness. But you also get very simple instructions, such as measuring the temperature. As a dog owner, you should know the steps necessary to be able to provide first aid until you can bring your dog to the vet. This gives you more security in emergency situations.

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