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Flatulence in dogs: symptoms, causes and treatments

Flatulence in dogs

Just like people, dogs can suffer from flatulence. This can have multiple causes and should be examined by a doctor if it occurs frequently.

This article describes the triggers that cause flatulence, and shows how you can get it under control.


When dogs suffer from bloating, too much gas forms in their gastrointestinal tracts. It can be difficult for the gas to escape, which is associated with colicky pain for the animal. This is also associated with the typical intestinal noises and, when the gas does escape, an unpleasant odour forms.

Moreover, due to the increased build-up of gas, both the stomach and the intestine are highly bloated and correspondingly hard to the touch. Flatulence is sometimes accompanied by belching and changes in the dog’s stool.


A variety of causes that can trigger flatulence in your dog. These can range from serious issues to others that are comparatively harmless.

The causes of flatulence are usually one or more of the following:

  • Digestive conditions
  • Lack of movement
  • Inappropriate feeding

Digestive conditions

Digestive conditions

If the cause of the flatulence is organic, it must be taken seriously and treated by a vet. These causes may include digestive illnesses such as tumours, worms, or infections.

Additionally, the possibility of an intestinal blockage should also be considered. This occurs frequently if the dog has swallowed an item that cannot be digested.

Lack of movement

Apart from illnesses, you should not underestimate the link between regular movement and your dog’s digestion. Movement stimulates the intestine and helps to encourage digestion.

If your dog spends all day lying on the couch, it is highly likely that digestive issues, such as flatulence, will occur sooner or later.

Inappropriate feeding

Your dog’s diet is at least as important as its movement in this respect, as inappropriate feeding practically guarantees problems with its digestion.

These nay include food allergies, because if your dog is allergic to a particular component of its diet, this will cause digestive issues as well as other possible complaints. If your dog continues to consume this food, flatulence will be one of the consequences.

In addition, some ingredients will, if consumed in large enough quantities, cause flatulence in almost any dog. These include legumes such as beans and soy in particular.

Another problem is a high proportion of cereals in the diet, which has unfortunately become standard practice in the case of dry dog foods. The use of wheat as a main ingredient does at least keep production costs low; however, most dogs cannot cope with food with a high wheat content on a long-term basis, and therefore will eventually suffer from digestive complaints such as flatulence. 

How to address flatulence in your dog

As flatulence can always have serious medical causes, we recommend that you seek veterinary treatment if the issue appears particularly serious. The vet can undertake the necessary examination and thus exclude the possibility of illnesses such as tumours and, if required, take the necessary medical steps to treat the illness.

Once a medical problem has been excluded as the cause of the flatulence, you should focus your attention on two other issues. Firstly, you should ensure that your dog gets enough opportunities to move around, and secondly, you should provide an easily digestible diet. With this combination, your dog’s flatulence will soon disappear.

Dog with Immune Powder

Our recommendation

We recommend that you try our dog foods with insect protein, the Landgut- and Naturgut-Schmaus varieties. This food is free from cereals and artificial additives and contains exclusively natural ingredients that are perfectly adapted to your furry friend’s needs.

The insect protein that they contain is especially easy to digest and is highly beneficial to your dog’s organism, providing all essential amino acids while also being extremely unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.

These qualities make our dog food with insect protein the perfect dry food for dogs with food sensitivities as well as animals with food allergies.

In addition, we recommend that you supplement your dog’s diet with Bellfor Immune. This is a natural food supplement that naturally strengthens your dog’s immune defenses.

With this combination of Landgut- or Natural-Schmaus dog food and Bellfor Immun (Immune), digestive problems and flatulence will soon be a thing of the past for your dog.

Our tip for all dogs with flatulence

If your dog regularly suffers from flatulence, in addition to switching to a more digestible dog food, it makes sense to support his digestion with a suitable food supplement.

You can do this particularly gently with Shiimun Gastro, which makes use of the positive effects of the shiitake mushroom and also contains numerous other digestive ingredients.

Use Shiimun Gastro to counteract flatulence in your dog in a natural way and reliably improve the well-being of your four-legged friend.

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