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Black cumin oil against ticks in dogs

Black cumin oil against ticks in dogs

In the warmer months of the year, ticks pose a considerable threat not only to humans but also to dogs. It is therefore particularly important for our four-legged companions to ensure effective protection against these small bloodsuckers.

The market for tick repellents for dogs is accordingly large. However, due to the harmful effects that many common preparations have, unusual alternatives such as black cumin oil against ticks are also becoming increasingly popular.

Below we explain how black cumin oil can help against ticks in dogs and how its effectiveness can be increased by combining it with other natural ingredients.

How ticks make dogs sick

Ticks belong to the mites. As temperatures rise, they become increasingly active and then lurk mainly on grasses and in bushes and shrubs for a potential host on whose blood they can feed.

Some tick species, such as the common wood tick, prefer to infest dogs. Although the amount of blood a tick consumes at mealtime is tiny, the parasites pose a significant risk to your dog's health.

Ticks serve as intermediate hosts for many pathogens. Some diseases transmitted by a tick bite can even be fatal. This is not the case with borreliosis, which is widespread in Germany. Permanent health problems are not uncommon in dogs with Lyme disease.

Classical tick repellents often contain considerable risks

In view of the sometimes very serious consequences of a possible infection, it quickly becomes clear that the topic of tick protection should not be neglected by dog owners.

However, many conventional tick repellents available for dogs contain so-called acaricides. Acaricides are neurotoxins that enter the tick's body via the dog's blood and then kill the tick.

As sensible as this approach may seem at first glance, it should be immediately clear when reading the word neurotoxins that such a tick repellent should be used with caution.

After all, acaricides are nerve toxins that of course not only help against ticks, but also affect the dog's organism itself.

Apart from that, the dead bloodsuckers often get stuck in the skin, so that possible pathogens can still be transmitted. In the worst case, you can even increase the risk of infection for your dog with the wrong product.

Does black seed oil help against ticks in dogs?

In addition to essential fatty acids, black cumin oil also contains many essential oils. These seem to have a repellent effect on the annoying parasites. As several studies have already shown, black cumin oil can actually help against ticks and at least reduce the risk of infestation.

Bellfor ZEComplete: Insect fat and black cumin oil against ticks

For more than 30 years, Bellfor has stood for species-appropriate products that optimally support the health of your dog. This also applies, of course, to our product against ticks, for which we not only use the effect of black cumin oil.

Bellfor ZEComplete Spray was developed especially as a natural alternative to conventional tick repellents. Thanks to the support of our expert team of veterinarians and nutritional experts, we have succeeded in ensuring both high effectiveness and good tolerability.

In order to achieve a reliable effect against ticks, ZEComplete contains not only black cumin oil but also other selected ingredients such as insect fat. Insect fat is particularly rich in lauric acid, whose deterrent effect on ticks was proven in a study (1) conducted in 2008.

Our ZEComplete spray with insect fat and black cumin oil is ideal for daily use and, thanks to its natural ingredients, will not cause any side effects for your dog.

Bellfor ZEComplete Soft-Happen

ZEComplete Soft-Happen and biscuits

Besides spray, ZEComplete is also available in the form of tasty Soft-Happen and biscuits. The healthy dog snacks also contain insect fat and black cumin oil against ticks and are perfect for supporting the tick protection with ZEComplete Spray.

Both ZEComplete Soft-Happen and ZEComplete biscuits contain no cereals or artificial additives, ensuring your dog is rewarded in a way that is appropriate for his species.

Our conclusion on black cumin oil against ticks

As you can see, black seed oil can actually help against ticks and, as a natural alternative to conventional preparations, it can at least partially help protect your dog.

However, for optimal effectiveness against ticks, it is recommended that black cumin oil be combined with other natural active ingredients. We therefore recommend that you rely on the proven effectiveness of Bellfor ZEComplete to protect your dog against ticks.

Thanks to its special composition of ingredients such as coconut oil, insect fat and black cumin oil, ZEComplete effectively combats ticks without unnecessarily harming your dog's health.


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