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Can Dogs Cry: How Dogs Express Their Emotions

Können Hunde weinen?

When we humans are sad, it is quite normal for us to cry with tears flowing down our cheeks. But what about dogs? After all, the eyes of the four-legged friend can also water. The assumption that dogs can cry is therefore quite natural. Below you will find out whether this is actually true or whether the flow of tears has another cause.

How dogs express their feelings

No doubt, dogs also have feelings, including sadness. However, they express these differently than humans. A dog that is sad or mistreated cannot cry. Instead, it expresses its feelings through utterances such as yowling or whining.

Why dogs actually have teary eyes

While dogs can't cry, it is not uncommon for their eyes to water. However, this has nothing to do with the emotional life of the four-legged friends. Instead, watery eyes in dogs always indicate a health problem.

Possible triggers for your dog's supposed crying include the following causes:

  • Eye infections
  • Clogged tear ducts
  • Various allergies
  • Eye diseases such as glaucoma
  • Injuries or foreign objects in the eye
  • Kidney problems

Watery eyes in dogs with eye infections

Eye infections are fairly common in dogs, and it is the conjunctiva that is usually affected the most. Conjunctivitis in dogs can be caused by various pathogens as well as non-infectious triggers, such as draughts. Therefore, if your dog appears to be crying, conjunctivitis can be the cause in many cases. A vet can confirm this after examining your four-legged friend's eyes.

Watery eyes in dogs due to blocked tear ducts

If your dog's tear ducts are blocked, sooner or later this will lead to their eyes starting to water, which inevitably reminds us humans of crying. Clogged tear ducts are usually not a big deal. In the long run, however, they can lead to problems, which is why a visit to the vet is advisable. For a diagnosis, they will drip a dyed liquid into your dog's eyes. If the tear ducts are not blocked, the fluid should come out of the nose a short time later. If this is not the case, however, there is a blockage.

Watery eyes in dogs with glaucoma

In addition to eye infections, other eye diseases, such as glaucoma, can sometimes cause your dog's eyes to water and itch. Since glaucoma eventually leads to a complete loss of vision, you should consult a vet promptly if your dog experiences symptoms of this eye disease.

Watery eyes from injuries or foreign objects

Just like in humans, a foreign object can enter the dog's eyes, which will then start to water in order to get rid of it. That being said, corneal injuries are also a common cause of watery eyes in dogs. If you suspect that your four-legged friend has injured its eye, a visit to the vet is of course strongly recommended.

Kidney problems as a cause of watery eyes in dogs

Especially in Maltese dogs, watery eyes are often caused by problems with the kidneys. In this case, the use of Bellfor Kidney Strength can help. Bellfor Kidney Strength is a high-quality food supplement that uses a special herbal mixture to promote the natural detoxification processes in the kidneys and thus can help prevent overburdening of this vital filter organ.

Bellfor Augenpflege Tropfen

Bellfor eye care drops for gentle eye cleaning

Some dog breeds have naturally sensitive eyes, so they are regularly affected by symptoms such as irritation or excessive tearing. Regular care of the sensitive dog eyes is particularly important for these breeds.

If your dog has a tendency to watery, itchy or dry eyes, our eye care drops are ideal for gently cleaning and caring for your four-legged friend's eyes. Bellfor eye care drops only contain natural ingredients, so you can be sure that they will not cause any unnecessary problems with regard to tolerability.

Can dogs cry - our conclusion

We often tend to compare our feelings with those of our dogs. But even though your

four-legged friend is an important family member, in the end it is still an animal that communicates in a completely different way than you do.

Dogs can certainly feel sadness. However, dogs do not cry. If your four-legged friend nevertheless sheds tears, this should not be ignored, because it can be triggered by various health problems. In case of doubt, a visit to the vet is advisable in order to determine the cause of the dog's supposed crying.

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