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Digestive disorders in dogs

Problems with digestion often severely restrict the quality of life of dogs. In addition, they can have serious consequences in the long term and, for example, cause a life-threatening nutrient deficiency.

As a rule, digestive disorders in dogs are merely the symptom of an underlying disease. In order to counteract the symptoms, it is therefore important to determine the actual cause and remedy it promptly.

In our articles, we go into the subject of digestive disorders in dogs in detail and explain to interested dog owners, among other things, how symptoms such as diarrhoea, flatulence or constipation can occur. We also give tips on how to support your dog's digestion in a natural way.

Dog eats stones: possible causes and tips

In view of the strange eating habits of some four-legged friends, it is obvious to call dogs omnivores. After all, it is not uncommon for a dog to eat stones, for example, or to have a big appetite ..

10/03/2020 Views:44037

Detect, treat and prevent intestinal obstruction in dogs

A functioning digestive tract is essential for your dog's health. However, various problems can cause digestive disorders. One of these is intestinal obstruction, which is unfortunately quite common i..

22/01/2020 Views:30397

Detect and treat Clostridia in dogs

Clostridia are a very common cause of digestive problems in dogs. It is estimated that more than 20 percent of all diarrheal diseases can be attributed to an infection with Clostridium. To..

18/12/2019 Views:33562

Pancreatitis in dogs

The technical term for the pancreas is pancreas. If your dog suffers from pancreatitis, this is also known as pancreatitis. Inflammation of the pancreas is a serious condition that can cause your..

18/12/2019 Views:22029

Dog eats grass: possible causes and risks

There's probably no dog that doesn't eat some grass from time to time. In most cases this is not a bad thing. Nevertheless, the supposedly unnatural behaviour unsettles many dog owners.  ..

28/10/2019 Views:18582

Detecting heartburn in dogs and treating it naturally

Just like humans, dogs can also suffer from heartburn. The associated complaints are extremely unpleasant for our four-legged friends and should therefore not go unnoticed. In the following w..

28/10/2019 Views:55924

Gastritis in dogs: causes, treatment and prevention

Gastritis is relatively common in dogs. It can be either acute or chronic and can be caused by a variety of causes.  In the following you will learn how to recognise gastritis in y..

28/10/2019 Views:30417

Dog does not eat: possible causes of loss of appetite

It can happen again and again that a dog does not eat or at least significantly reduces the intake of food. If the loss of appetite is short-lived, there is usually no need to worry. However, if ..

28/10/2019 Views:12982

Diarrhoea in dogs: causes and treatment options

It can happen again and again that a dog suffers from diarrhoea. If this happens only occasionally, it is normally not a major cause for concern. However, diarrhoea in dogs can also have serious cau..

15/10/2019 Views:32367

Intestinal cleansing in dogs: tips for a healthy intestinal flora

A functioning digestive system is of vital importance for the health of a dog. Especially the intestines play an important role in this context. Because it not only takes over the main work in th..

12/09/2019 Views:10561

Detecting and treating digestive problems in dogs

Digestive problems are not uncommon in dogs. They can have numerous causes and can have a massive impact not only on the well-being but also on the health of the affected animals. After all, a functio..

12/08/2019 Views:15884

Vomiting in dogs: causes, treatment and prevention

Digestive problems such as vomiting are not uncommon in dogs. They can have many causes and should not be taken lightly. Below you can find out the possible causes of vomiting in dogs and what you can..

08/08/2019 Views:19234

Dog has blood in stool: possible causes

Digestive problems such as constipation and diarrhea are common in dogs. In most cases, the cause of the symptoms can be determined quickly and treated well. But at the latest when a dog has blood ..

30/07/2019 Views:300859

Why dogs eat excrements

Many dog owners probably know it from their own experience. Your own dog suddenly eats excrement with great enthusiasm. The technical term for this behavior is coprophagy. In this article we explain ..

26/07/2019 Views:14452

Hydrolysed dog food and possible alternatives for allergic dogs

Incompatibilities and feed allergies are widespread in dogs. They lead to skin problems and digestive problems and should not be taken lightly by dog owners. Many manufacturers offer so-called hydrol..

11/06/2019 Views:45959

Bad breath in dogs: causes and tips for elimination

Of course you love your dog. However, foot odor can put this love to a hard test. Finally, the bad breath of the four-legged friend can easily pollute the whole apartment or the car. Bad breath can..

30/05/2019 Views:22590

Digestion in the dog

With a species-appropriate nutrition you make sure that the digestion functions correctly with your dog and your four-legged friend remains permanently healthy and vital. Because inferior food and mi..

15/05/2019 Views:19980

IBD in dogs: causes and possibilities of treatment

The abbreviation IBD stands for Inflammatory Bowel Disease. It is a chronic intestinal inflammation. If your dog suffers from IBD, this can be felt in the form of digestive problems, abdominal pain an..

11/12/2018 Views:56533

Gastric torsion in dogs: causes and preventive measures

The topic of gastric torsion should give any dog owner pause for thought, because it is far from a trivial condition: it can be a life-threatening situation for your pet. In this arti..

12/01/2018 Views:55977

Flatulence in dogs: symptoms, causes and treatments

Just like people, dogs can suffer from flatulence. This can have multiple causes and should be examined by a doctor if it occurs frequently. This article describes the tri..

11/01/2018 Views:22577

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