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Infectious diseases in dogs

The list of infectious diseases that can affect dogs is long. These include dangerous dog diseases such as distemper and parvovirus, which are often fatal.

In addition, kennel cough and tick-borne Lyme disease are also possible infectious diseases that are common in dogs. In some cases, protection through vaccinations is possible and is also strongly recommended due to the high risk of infection and the serious consequences of some infectious diseases.

In our dog guide we have published detailed articles on various infectious diseases that occur in dogs. In these we explain, among other things, how dogs get infected with them, which symptoms dog owners have to be aware of and how they are treated.

Detect, treat, and prevent leptospirosis in dogs

Leptospirosis is an infectious bacterial disease. It is caused by leptospira and can be potentially fatal to dogs. In addition, the disease is a zoonosis, which means that it can spread from animals t..

17/05/2021 Views:3116

Coronavirus in dogs: owners need to know

Corona viruses are widely spread in dogs. If a quadruped gets infected with it, it is the Canine Coronavirus (CCV). The risk of infection is particularly high where several dogs are kept in a smal..

20/03/2020 Views:13409

Coccidiosis in dogs: symptoms and natural treatment

Coccidiosis is a parasitic disease that can occur in dogs worldwide. It is caused by so-called coccidia and can take a relatively harmless or life-threatening course.Below you will learn how your dog ..

13/03/2020 Views:22545

Detect and treat Clostridia in dogs

Clostridia are a very common cause of digestive problems in dogs. It is estimated that more than 20 percent of all diarrheal diseases can be attributed to an infection with Clostridium. To..

18/12/2019 Views:33220

Pancreatitis in dogs

The technical term for the pancreas is pancreas. If your dog suffers from pancreatitis, this is also known as pancreatitis. Inflammation of the pancreas is a serious condition that can cause your..

18/12/2019 Views:21412

Why does the dog lick the anus?

It can occur again and again that a dog licks itself at the anus. If this happens remarkably frequently with your four-legged friend, you should not take his behavior to the light shoulder. Excessive..

26/07/2019 Views:142400

Insect bite in dog

The warm season inevitably brings with it a multitude of biting insects, which can sting not only humans but also dogs. In most cases an insect bite is harmless in dogs. However, there are also situat..

12/07/2019 Views:22858

Detecting and treating skin fungus in dogs

Skin fungus is triggered in dogs by so-called dermatophytes. These are fungal spores that attack the surface of the skin and hair of the four-legged friend. If your dog suffers from skin fungus, di..

04/06/2019 Views:49001

Detecting and treating mite infestations in dogs

Unfortunately, mite infestation is a common problem in dogs, which many owners are confronted with. Mites are arachnids and feed mainly on the dead skin cells of their host animals. If a dog su..

29/05/2019 Views:63063

Leishmaniasis in dogs: symptoms, treatment and prevention

Leishmaniasis is one of the typical Mediterranean diseases that dogs can become infected with. In contrast to Lyme disease, the risk of infection is still very high mainly in southern Europe. However,..

06/02/2019 Views:26610

Bladder infection in dogs

Dogs can also suffer from cystitis. Although in principle every four-legged friend can be affected by it, there is an increased risk especially with older animals as well as castrated bitches. As with..

02/01/2019 Views:15688

IBD in dogs: causes and possibilities of treatment

The abbreviation IBD stands for Inflammatory Bowel Disease. It is a chronic intestinal inflammation. If your dog suffers from IBD, this can be felt in the form of digestive problems, abdominal pain an..

11/12/2018 Views:52865

Kennel cough in dogs: causes, prevention and treatment

Kennel cough is the colloquial term for an infectious tracheobronchitis. It is a disease of the upper respiratory tract of dogs that is primarily characterized by dry cough, but can also cause other s..

11/12/2018 Views:32692

Laryngeal inflammation in dogs: causes and treatment

The technical term for laryngitis is laryngeal inflammation. A laryngitis in dogs can be both acute and chronic. In many cases it does not occur alone, but in combination with other complaints. ..

07/12/2018 Views:83256

Pneumonia in dogs: symptoms and treatment

If your dog suffers from lung inflammation, the tissue of his lung is inflamed. The technical term for this disease is pneumonia. Pathogens such as bacteria, fungi or viruses are often responsible for..

07/12/2018 Views:33164

Tonsillitis in the dog

Like humans, dogs also have two tonsils which are located in the right and left throat. As part of the lymphatic system, they play an important role in the defence against diseases. Due to their anato..

06/12/2018 Views:42094

Dog cough: causes and treatment options

Coughing can occur frequently in dogs and can be caused by many causes. In most cases, coughing is not a cause for concern. However, you should not take it lightly and do something about your dog'..

04/12/2018 Views:31148

Ear infection in dogs - what helps?

Unfortunately, ear infections are not uncommon in dogs. The disease is usually associated with great pain for the animal and should therefore be taken seriously. In this article we will discuss..

11/01/2018 Views:62675

How can you help fight ear infections in your dog?

Does your dog constantly scratch his ears, shake his head or often hold it crooked? Then there is a good chance that he has an ear infection.As with humans, this also causes pain in your dog. You will..

18/10/2017 Views:17920

Giardia in dogs: causes, symptoms and treatment

Giardia is a common problem in dogs According to a study, almost 20 percent of all four-legged friends in the United Kingdom are infected with them. Once a dog suffers from Giardia, it has difficulty..

17/10/2017 Views:288431

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Detect, treat, and prevent leptospirosis in dogs

Detect, treat, and prevent leptospirosis in dogs

Leptospirosis is an infectious bacterial disease. It is caused by leptospira and can be potentially ..

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