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Weakened immune system in dogs

The immune system has the task of protecting the dog's organism from pathogens. If it is weakened, this is noticeable among other things by an increased susceptibility to health problems.

It is therefore very important for the health of the dog to maintain the functionality of the immune system and to counteract a possible weakening of the defences with the right measures if necessary.

In our articles, we address in detail all the important questions concerning the dog's immune system. Among other things, we explain which factors can weaken the dog's defenses and how the dog's immune system can be strengthened in a completely natural way.

Dog trembles: causes and countermeasures

If your dog trembles, this can have many different reasons. In many cases the causes are completely harmless. However, it is also possible that your dog's tremor is a sign of a serious health prob..

22/01/2020 Views:39621

Detect, measure and treat fever in dogs

If a dog has a fever, this indicates that there is a problem with its health. Because just like with us humans, fever in dogs is a defence mechanism with which the immune system tries to fight patho..

16/01/2020 Views:12123

Constipation in dogs: causes, symptoms and treatment

If your dog suffers from constipation, you should not take it lightly. Digestive problems can quickly have serious consequences and, in the worst case, can even cause permanent damage to the four-legg..

13/05/2019 Views:23921

Kennel cough in dogs: causes, prevention and treatment

Kennel cough is the colloquial term for an infectious tracheobronchitis. It is a disease of the upper respiratory tract of dogs that is primarily characterized by dry cough, but can also cause other s..

11/12/2018 Views:33242

Laryngeal inflammation in dogs: causes and treatment

The technical term for laryngitis is laryngeal inflammation. A laryngitis in dogs can be both acute and chronic. In many cases it does not occur alone, but in combination with other complaints. ..

07/12/2018 Views:87158

Dog coughs and chokes: this could be the reason

If your dog coughs and chokes, there may be several reasons. Often the cause is completely harmless. However, there may also be a serious reason behind the coughing and choking. If the symptoms occu..

06/12/2018 Views:245612

Tonsillitis in the dog

Like humans, dogs also have two tonsils which are located in the right and left throat. As part of the lymphatic system, they play an important role in the defence against diseases. Due to their anato..

06/12/2018 Views:42611

A cold in dogs: causes, symptoms and prevention

The wet and cold winter weather not only troubles us humans, but also our dogs. Just like you, your dog can get a cold too. Find out below what can cause a cold in dogs and what symptoms it leads to. ..

05/12/2018 Views:26551

Dog cough: causes and treatment options

Coughing can occur frequently in dogs and can be caused by many causes. In most cases, coughing is not a cause for concern. However, you should not take it lightly and do something about your dog'..

04/12/2018 Views:31656

Your dog has a cold? This is what you can do

In winter it is cold and often wet. This bothers our dogs just as much as ourselves. It is therefore hardly surprising that your dog can catch a cold, too. In the following we will explain which sympt..

04/12/2018 Views:13426

Weakened immune systems in dogs: causes and what can really help

Just like in humans, a functional immune system plays a decisive role in ensuring the health of your dog. If the immune system is weakened, diseases result. In this article, we will exp..

07/12/2017 Views:48531

Holidays with the dog: this is how the fur nose stays healthy on the way

The holiday is the most beautiful time of the year. If you want your dog to travel with you, it can be very stressful at the same time. This is not only true for mistress and master, but especially fo..

19/10/2017 Views:9962

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